How we helped a global travel company drive efficiency in their sales process.

The client had a complex technology infrastructure in place with multiple CRM systems such as Salesforce and SAGE in use across their products lines. The absence of a unified service desk and lack of integration with the Booking engine led to multiple ad-hoc telephony solutions being adopted. This led to a differentiated agent experience from one product line to another. Intellika stepped in to help them drive customer delight and consistency across product verticals.

The Problem

The client was keen to build a reputation for customer delight and on-time delivery. However, their sales process had no dedicated end-to-end customer relationship management solution in place leading to customer disappointment.


Major challenges faced by the company:

  • Lack of Unified Service Desk leading to inefficient lead management.
  • Lack of direct interface with the booking engines inside the CRM.
  • Multiple ad-hoc caller telephony solutions causing inconsistent agent experience across product verticals.
  • Sub-optimal processes and resource utilization.

The Solution

Travel and Hospitality solution built on the Dynamics 365 platform helped in complete standardization and automation of the client’s workflows, delivering high productivity enhancements with a remarkable return on investment. The CRM seamlessly integrated with business-critical applications such as the booking engine to help foster customer delight.

The Impact

Key Benefit Areas

  • Agent Enablement
  • Helped agents in lead and opportunity management by standardizing and automating process workflows.
  • Helped control cost of sales with options for omnichannel engagement on a single platform.
  • Enhanced productivity by giving agents mobility enabled solution.
  • Unified Service Desk
  • A 360° view of accounts enables every interaction to be fully informed with in-built SLA timers for timely responses.
  • Social insights for sentiment analysis of customers.


  • Service Intelligence
  • Live dashboards and interactive reports to track performance.
  • Integrated Voice-of-Customer driven sales helps to identify and convert disgruntled customers.
  • Ability to create personalized loyalty programs based on customer insights.
  • Ability to proactive meet customer needs.


  • Customer satisfaction index improved across all product verticals.
  • Inside sales team productivity improved as they stopped juggling between various systems.
  • Helped make the Agent experience consistent for customers across product verticals.