What is Dynamics 365 for Sales? Top Features

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Dynamics 365 for Sales:

For decades, companies have shown interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support business activities and streamline customer acquisition. This robust, and cost-effective CRM caters measurable solutions to meet the needs of sales, customers service and marketing. Dynamics 365 for sales has helped multiple organizations to streamline their sales processes from lead to opportunity to sales which has accelerated their sales and profits with accurate analytics.

1. Microsoft tools are seamlessly integrated

If you’re looking for other products to use with Dynamics 365 CRM, the first place to start is with Microsoft itself.
The Dynamics 365 portfolio includes applications for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service designed to work with Dynamics 365 Sales. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Business Central for finance and operations, Power Automate for custom workflows, Microsoft teams for meeting records and coordination,
Project management to track all project related activities and Power BI for data analysis and visualization.
Seamless integration within various Microsoft applications makes the system robust and ready to use with
minimum customization.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016 and has leveraged this acquisition to incorporate the platform into solutions
like Dynamics 365. Microsoft has developed  Sales Navigator tool, which lets you access LinkedIn directly within
Dynamics 365 CRM. Users can search LinkedIn profiles, save leads, and set up alerts to be notified about changes
(such as a job promotion) on a lead’s profile. 
This is a great way to track current leads and discover new ones without all the window-hopping and clicking for
social media-focused marketing tactics.

3. Integration with Company’s System

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales has the great capability to integrate with any kind of source system via API or readily
available connectors such as SAP, Salesforce, or any inbuilt ERP systems. Real time Integration with source systems make sales process more accurate and robust to have sales and financial analytics on fingertips. It becomes very easy for management to track all sales processes with a financial system without any customization in source systems.

4. Contextual information in MS dynamics 365 sales

With a rich text editor and a pop-up, non-blocking window, composing email has never been better in Dynamics
365 Sales. Salespeople will be able to write email with context of the record they are working on, navigate
between records, have multiple active draft emails open simultaneously, preview the content before sending, add
attachments, and use email templates to optimize commonly used tasks. The email opening in a non-blocking
window gives salespeople all the relevant content at a glance while they compose their email to the customer.

5. Advance Security

Microsoft 365 E5 combines best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security, compliance, voice, and
analytical capabilities. System has Extend identity and threat protection with integrated and automated security to help stop damaging attacks.

System Bring together information protection and advanced compliance capabilities to protect and govern data
while reducing risk.

6. Management of Leads and Opportunities

Microsoft dynamics 365 Sales has very strong Lead and Opportunity management which excels lead conversion
and sales conversion effectively with status of each stage. Powerful automated Business Process Flow gives insight of each lead and opportunity stage which is very useful to take decision for conversion of leads and opportunity.
Integration of lead with marketing campaign or LinkedIn sales navigator and such type of application makes
business to react on lead quickly and on real time basis.
One of the newest major features for Sales, Kanban view, depicts opportunities as separate cards that users can
drag and drop depending on status. This feature helps your team prioritize opportunities and stay organized.
Timeline feature gives all kinds of interaction happened with customer with respect to specific lead or opportunity
which gives better insight to team for their next communication.

7. Management of Sales Orders

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has a great capability to manage sales orders with multiple product line items in
single order.
Post processing sales order entry on selection of Total, The Totals page displays details about the entire order.
This includes the subtotal amount, which is a sum of all line net amounts adjusted for eventual line discounts, the
total invoice amount, which is a subtotal amount adjusted for eventual order-level discount, charges, and sales
tax, the customer credit limit situation, and more. This feature gives a holistic view of the entire sales order on a
single page.

8. Management of Accounts and Contacts

Managing customers through Account and Contacts is all time strong feature in Dynamics 365 Sales. Associated of multiple contacts with Single Account gives perfect overview of a customer.
Business can have features of Recent Leads, Recent Opportunity, or Recent Cases on a single page of customer
which gives complete insight of current progress with customer.
Business card scanner gives a great help for quick creation of customer on a single click which is a highly time
saving feature of sales force.
The timeline feature gives all kinds of interaction happening with customers which gives better insight to team for
their next communication.

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