Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for your business

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The Dynamics 365 CRM that you choose for your business, plays an important role in helping you achieve your strategic goals. Unlike the other CRM systems, Microsoft plays it smart by integrating ERP and CRM capabilities in Dynamics 365. It becomes a one-stop-shop for users, by providing Sales, Marketing and Service under the same roof.

With substantial functionality, value, and flexibility Dynamics 365 CRM becomes a savior for organizations that want minimum customizations, ease of use and quick return on investment.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is ultra-powerful and highly scalable CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM becomes an ideal choice for both small- and large-scale businesses, by providing an array of Out-of-Box features, and functionalities. D365 CRM has multiple deployment options, such as on-prem, partner hosted and cloud-based. Keeping your business preferences in mind D365 CRM can be deployed accordingly. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a capable CRM solution to enhance your Sales, Marketing and Customer support.


Here are a few more benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Its flexible architecture, implementation options, and pricing enable easy customization to tailor the system to meet the unique requirements of the business.
  • Its strong built-in tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) and Relationship Assistant boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps offers a huge advantage.


If this is not enough for you to decide, then here are Top 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for your business:


1. Highly Customizable

D365 CRM comes along with range of built-in tools for workflows, business rules etc. to run rule-based tasks or frequent tasks automatically. It also allows you to modify the workflows to meet your unique requirements in the case that the pre-built tools don’t exactly solve your problem. But that’s not everything you can customize. It offers flexible architecture, deployment options, and pricing levels to tailor the platform according to your budget, team size, and KPIs.


2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM greatly enhances operational efficiency through standardization and streamlining of business processes. Its flexible workflow allows businesses to automate tasks and procedures in ways that people can use every day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can relieve your team of repetitive manual tasks. You can create processes using workflows that reflect business rules to achieve the desired results.

For example, by using set criteria, you can qualify your leads, activate automatic email notifications, or automatically route sales leads to individual members.


3. Improved Productivity

With Dynamics 365, your workforce can access just about any type of data they need. This allows employees to make smarter, more informed decisions since they have all the tools and insights at their disposal. Instead of accessing ERP, CRM data, and Office applications individually, employees can seamlessly find everything on one platform, leading to a boost in productivity and efficiency.


4. Seamless Integration with Other Microsoft products

Other Microsoft products, like the entire Office 365 suite can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365. These integrations allow businesses to switch from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication, to Power BI for data analytics, and SharePoint for documentation. It also leverages applications such as Word and Excel. Such deep integration capabilities lead to enhanced productivity and bring unmatched benefits.


5. Improved Customer Service Experience

Dynamics 365 collects vast amounts of relevant data about each customer. It analyzes the websites visited by individuals, how they interact with brands, which communities they are a part of, and much more. The BI tool identifies data points that cannot be quantitatively evaluated but are still extremely crucial to the sales process such as customer sentiments, purchase habits, and brand loyalty.

This valuable information helps customer service executives handle interactions meaningfully. With easily accessible data, reps can better connect with customers and suggest personalized solutions.

To know more about the product, its capabilities and how it could fit your needs and organization, book an appointment with us. Our experts would connect with you over calls/face-face meetings and give you the product insights.

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