Harness Growth Opportunities by Realizing Your Business Purpose

Bring your brand purpose to life with high-impact marketing strategies, and drive value and differentiation across the customer journey.

Toll Free Services: More Market Reach than Ever

Businesses are investing in smarter and faster ways to reach out to their customer base. They are looking to enhance their customer experience with efficiency and lower operating costs. Take the leap to better customer accessibility with an easy-to-remember 1800 and 1860 number series that streamlines communication and offers 24/7 support. Providing consistent, quality customer service has never been easier.


Call Register Services: Know Your Customer Instantly

Stay ahead of your competition with an automated, reliable, and scalable solution that gives you caller information instantly. Stay well-informed and get real-time insights on performance such as surveys, polls or feedback. Reach customers and prospects faster without any cost of associated infrastructure. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Digital Survey: Fingers on the Market Pulse

For businesses that want to know what their customers want, surveys help unlock a world of opportunities. Digital Survey powered by TCS iON is a user-friendly, scalable and comprehensive platform that conducts multi-channel and multi-lingual surveys. That’s not all – it also delivers analytics that helps you make informed business decisions.


Hosted IVR: Customer Experience 2.0

Change the game in your favour in today’s competitive marketplace, by giving your customers the best experience when they deal with you. Turn towards leasing out Hosted Interactive Voice Response to achieve this seamlessly, and that too at reduced business costs.

Hosted OBD Service: Dial-In Success

New-age businesses believe that consistent communication is the key to competitive growth. Hosted OBD Service enables you to reach and engage with multiple users via accurate voice messages and targeted voice campaigns. This cloud-based communication solution offers easy, scalable, user-friendly methods and allows you to run your operations without the need to invest in expensive hardware.


Live Chat: Real-Time Engagements for Real Outcomes

Customers are the key to business progress. Now you can connect with your customers instantly with Live Chat, an on-the-go chat application. Gain customer loyalty by resolving issues faster and offering enhanced interactions cost-effectively. The all-in-one simple tool lets you up your customer service in no time. Just plug and play to get what your business needs the most – customers.

SMS Solutions: Deliver Bulk Messages

It’s vital for businesses to connect with their customers via various channels. Our SMS solutions help businesses keep their communication alive via SMSs without any hassles. Backed with enhanced data security, we customise our solutions to match unique business requirements and round-the-clock support. With a transparent billing platform, charges are solely on the basis of messages delivered to handsets.


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