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Leverage best–in–class solutions that connect the physical and digital world to maximise returns from your asset investments.

Asset Management: Your Inventory. Your Control.

As businesses need to conduct vast transit operations, it’s important for them to have complete control over their valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments. Asset Management is ideal for consignors, consignees and third-party logistics service providers, helping them get a real-time update of cargo on-the-move and prevent potential mishaps.


Fleet Management: Track what Matters

Successful fleet management requires an efficient system that can maintain targets while limiting the complications associated with overcoming the challenges of maintenance or costs. Now you can boost your fleet management by tracking your vehicles on duty to monitor driver performance and fuel consumption in real-time. Gear up for increased productivity and profitability.

School Bus Tracking: Score High on Security and Productivity

Safe transportation is paramount when it comes to school children. Advanced services that provide real-time tracking of school buses offer parents peace of mind. Take the next step towards safer travel with a smart, hi-tech, real-time GPS school bus tracking system that provides alerts to help you monitor safety during transit. Take the next step towards school transport safety.


Workforce Management: Get Real-Time Visibility

Businesses are increasingly realising the potential of their workforce. As their biggest asset, a workforce can deliver greater competitive advantage. Optimise your most valuable resource with demand-driven scheduling and accurate attendance records on a secured and user-friendly web and mobile interface, enabling you to improve operational efficiency. Experience new levels of productivity.

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