Embrace Change as You Reinvent the Way You Connect

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, make it work for your business with efficiency, agility, and innovation. It’s an imperative.

Smartflo: Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Communication

As businesses rethink operating models and working environments, they are leveraging technology at the core, bringing multiple devices, platforms and channels into play. Your turn to flow forward with a multi-modal, multi-functional, flexible, scalable and secure solution, that ensures digital connectivity and productivity at all times. Brace for a business world without boundaries.


Cloud CRM: Fuel Customer Loyalty

Our Cloud CRM (powered by TCS iON) is the fully integrated platform you’ve been waiting for. Eliminate unproductive activities, quicken processes, minimize errors and increase sales and cash in-flows. The whole host of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales modules help improve all stages of the customer journey to support your business growth.

Content Delivery Network: When Speed is Critical

CDN offers one of the most advanced network services for content delivery and provides the exact, scalable solution you need to accelerate. Thanks to an interconnected system of computers, it provides web content rapidly to users by duplicating or caching it on multiple servers and directing it to users based on proximity. Prepare to grow your audience and revenue streams.


Digital Survey: Fingers on the Market Pulse

For businesses that want to know what their customers want, surveys help unlock a world of opportunities. Digital Survey powered by TCS iON is a user-friendly, scalable and comprehensive platform that conducts multi-channel and multi-lingual surveys. That’s not all – it also delivers analytics that helps you make informed business decisions.

Document Management System: Manage Your Assets Efficiently

Our Document Management system helps manage work files in the best possible manner. It helps you manage documents with ease on a secure cloud-based platform. Its scalable pay-per-use model helps create an information repository that is secure and reliable. You can access it anywhere and anytime and cut costs by eliminating the need of physical archival and courier or dispatch.


Fee Collector: Now Collect Your Fees With Ease

Fee Collector (powered by TCS iON) is designed for secure online fee collection from students, in a configurable environment for your organization. Create customer/student profiles, generate and map payment/fee schedules and track payment/fee dues. This user-friendly, transparent interface helps customers/parents/students view their payment/fee details and pay timely. It is fee collection, made easy like never before

Help Desk: Resolve Issues Faster

Focus on what matters the most for your business – offering superior customer experiences. Choose Help Desk powered by TCS iON technology. The cloud-based solution makes it easy for your customers to log in and raise tickets for a range of technical or non-technical issues. It prioritises, categorises and assigns the tickets to suitable help desk personnel for swift resolution and better customer retention. Automate your customer support activities with ease.


Live Chat: Real-Time Engagements for Real Outcomes

Customers are the key to business progress. Now you can connect with your customers instantly with Live Chat, an on-the-go chat application. Gain customer loyalty by resolving issues faster and offering enhanced interactions cost-effectively. The all-in-one simple tool lets you up your customer service in no time. Just plug and play to get what your business needs the most – customers.

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