Success Stories
Future readiness is everything in the age of digital disruption, transform or perish.
Success Stories
Success Stories
We've powered Digital Transformation 30+ of India's biggest brands such as Cox & Kings, All Cargo Logistics, Nuvoco Cements (Previously Lafarge), Lodha Developers, UPLto name a few. Our focus on grassroots level implementation has made us the Microsoft Gold Partner of choice for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.
We've mastered the art of understanding complex customer relationship needs across industries and have implemented On-premise and SaaS CRM solutions for marquee clients across industry verticals.
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real estate
How we helped a leading real estate developer end their productivity woes.
Complex technology architectures can often lead to unplanned business circumstances. That's what happened to our client, a leading Indian real estate developer. They were struggling with a dedicated end-to-end customer relationship management solution and Intellika was called in to advise and implement the right kind of digital transformation strategy for their business. Intellika implemented IERA real estate solution built on Dynamics 365 to drive the productivity of their inside sales team by 25% and improve overall customer satisfaction by 30%.
How we drove visibility, mobility, and sales effectiveness for a leading cement manufacturing company.
A leading Indian cement manufacturing company was stuck with a CRM solution that lacked mobility and user-friendliness. As most of the sales and service in the cement manufacturing sector happened at the construction site, the lack of mobility crippled the on-field team as they were not able to enter customer insights on the go. This led to parallel inefficient manual processes in their sales team. Intellika stepped in and implemented Dynamics 365 to help sales team record customer details on site and cut down on time wasted traveling to and from office for updates.
How we helped a global travel company drive efficiency in their sales process.
The client had a complex technology infrastructure in place with multiple CRM systems such as Salesforce and SAGE in use across their products lines. The absence of a unified service desk and lack of integration with the Booking engine led to multiple ad-hoc telephony solutions being adopted. This led to a differentiated agent experience from one product line to another. Intellika stepped in to help them drive customer delight and consistency across product verticals.
How we helped a leading Nutraceutical company to achieve 30% higher customer satisfaction.
The client's nutraceutical business revolved around specialized selling. It required a complete understanding of customer requirements in order to commission research for manufacturing and eventually order fulfillment. The stakes we at an all-time high as the unique business model needed a 360-degree view of the customer to be successful. Intellika implemented the IERA customer service module to give the client complete customer information in one place helping them get real-time visibility on market demand and profitability as well as achieve a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction.
How we helped a leading IT services firm to overcome their Siloed business process.
A leading US-based IT firm had an unnecessarily complex sales process that lacked standardization across key functions. The lack of an organized Sales CRM led to an inefficient decision-making process with overlaps across functions and hierarchy. This led to a lack of productivity amongst the sales team and a person dependent process. Intellika stepped in to help them manage their leads and decision-making process all on one platform, helping expedite their sales cycle and improving sales efficiency.
How we powered a 25% productivity hike for a leading Logistics firm.
One of the major players in the Indian Logistics sector was stumped with how their on-premise CRM wasn't actually helping productivity. We understood that the existing CRM tool suffered from a lack of user-friendliness and mobility. They had already made huge capital expenditures on the CRM and were yet to see any results as there was no 360-degree view of the customer for the sales team. Intellika stepped in to transform their operations into a future-ready process with the IERA Sales Force Automation solution.
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