What is Resco?

Resco is the pioneer mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Resco brings the power of Dynamics 365 and packs it into the palm of your hand. Get the mobility you need to work from anywhere on any device. Resco is perfectly compatible with your mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices.

The complete Mobility solution for your business

Mobile Sales
The best use case for Resco Mobile CRM lies with your Sales team. With the all-in-one tool on there mobile, the sales team is equipped and empowered to take decisions, target sales channels and provide updates all in real time. Resco’s Mobile Sales is packed with everything the sales team might need especially on the go. So, whether its activities, presentations, calendars, order creation or electronic signatures, the tool is capable of handling everything.
Field Service
Teams that are always on the go will find this tool a boon. Resco can be configured to have a step-by-step guide for on-site work. This also helps send notifications to field workers instantly as soon as the work schedule is created for them. Also, information such as photo documentation, pictures, and detailed technical analysis of tasks can be logged which can be accessed anytime.
Easily create new, edit, assign and evaluate field inspections for anyone in your team. You can also set up dynamic forms, checklists, unique questionnaires and tasks. You can assign the same to your staff on the field and give them the tools to complete inspections effectively. This data can then be collated and analyzed after the task to get performance insights.
Route Planner
You can plan routes for your team members and keep track of their planned vs actual effort using Resco. The mobile planners can keep dynamically updating the schedule based on past and current data and conditions like weather and traffic which makes it more accurate. This helps forecast and prevent delays as well as get all stakeholders on the same page.

How can Resco add value?

100% Offline
Work offline with locally stored (and securely encrypted) database and automatically sync the changes when you are connected again.
Freedom to customize
Look and feel of the CRM user interface can be customized with Resco. Resco Mobile CRM is truly adaptive and makes user acquisition and customer onboarding a breeze with unlimited customizations on offer.
Seamless integration
Resco Mobile CRM will work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. For that matter, it also integrates with Dynamics CRM 2016, 2015, 2013, or 2011 on cloud or on-premises.
Highly dedicated team
With superior implementation partners like Intellika, enabling Resco for your company is seamless. The dedicated team's exceptional customer service is just the beginning, the unmatched support & account management team walks with you every step of the way.