Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite

Creating intelligent applications powered by Dynamics 365 allows you to provide adaptable, scalable solutions that transform customer processes and create new potential revenue streams. Position your organization to meet the changing needs of customers and capture new business opportunities with dynamic cloud-based solutions. 

Dynamics 365 cloud business applications break down data silos and promote collaboration across teams, unlocking new opportunities to drive digital transformation for your customers. Dive into the capabilities of each application and the opportunity it brings to your business. The following niche areas can be covered by Dynamics 365.



Experience matters

By 2020, Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.


Customer expect more

625 of customer expect their online purchases to be delivered in 2 days or less.


Customers want personal

565 of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer that recognizes them by name.


In-store mobile grows

50% of consumers use smartphones to complete payment at brick-and-mortar stores.


Retailers adopt omnichannel

78% of retailers rate the integration of e-commerce and in-store experiences as important/business critical.


CEOs prioritize transformation

86% of retail and CPG CEOs consider digital transformation their top priority.

Finance and Operations

Real-time visibility of financial and business operations to help you make better decisions for the future of your business.

Business Application Revenue


Average Sales Cycle Length


Ready for your Digital Transformation?


CRM tools can help vastly improved a brand’s customer service game by collating and streamlining social listening and customer service across websites, email, phone calls, social and more. They can help create a unified brand experience and also monitor customer journeys so as to help customer relationship teams provide a frictionless experience to the customers at every touchpoint.

Present-day digital businesses, need to be agile, scalable, reliable, and highly available. Migrating to the cloud can help cut down dependence on legacy systems and ensure availability and accessibility of data anytime anywhere. Cloud gives your business the flexibility to grow according to your organization’s requirements. You no longer must build for the future or be constrained by decisions made or contracts signed in the past.

If you haven’t made the switch already, there couldn’t be a better time than now. As a business leader today, chances are that 99 out of the 100 businesses you deal with are undergoing a digital (DX) transformation. The influx of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and ML would otherwise render businesses that do not adapt to the times redundant, slowly being phased out by their tech-empowered competitors.

A cloud computing service like Microsoft Azure is much better than on-premise software as they are easily scalable. Whether you need concurrent access to the applications for 100 or 1000 users, the cloud elasticity can support it. This makes it easy for organizations to scale up or scale down depending on their requirement. Having the ability to only use resources that are needed is a great way for your organization to save effort and money.