How we helped a leading Nutraceutical company to achieve 30% higher customer satisfaction.

The client’s nutraceutical business revolved around specialized selling. It required a complete understanding of customer requirements to commission research for manufacturing and eventually order fulfillment. The stakes we at an all-time high as the unique business model needed a 360-degree view of the customer to be successful. Intellika implemented the customer service module to give the client complete customer information in one place helping them get real-time visibility on market demand and profitability as well as achieve a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction.

The Problem

The client is involved in specialized selling which requires understanding customer requirements, commissioning research & development on the same and running sample cycles with customers before taking the order to manufacture and deliver.

Everything was going smooth till it realized that though most of its customers are existing customers. However, all the requirements and order requests were not captured in one system and there was no consolidated view of a customer’s order history, interaction, and engagement with the company. In a nutshell, they did not know what went right or wrong with their customer, what worked and what created a dissatisfaction, leading to loss of business opportunities with these customers.


Our customer’s existing way of doing business had the following challenges:


No 360-degree view of customers with a list of all past and current orders, product queries/complaints, new product requests, communications, contact persons, payment schedules, and outstanding.


Sales process was highly person dependent as only account manager would be able to provide a history of relationship with the customer.


No visibility on cases (especially, new product requests) for the customers as some of the cases take up to six months to research, develop, deliver, and resolve.


Low productivity of managers as account related information was inefficiently documented in informal email chains.

The Solution

Intellika implemented Customer Service as the perfect solution designed to deliver fast and personalized service and support, with the help of unified view of customer interactions and guided business process flows.

Interactive dashboards made the lives of supervisors easier with effective management of their workloads with charts of actionable insights and timely escalations. It allowed customers to reach out for any query/complaint and they were kept in the loop with automated emails on the progress and resolution of their cases. Customers were also provided authenticated logins to track the status of their cases and tickets.

The Impact

Key Benefit Areas

  • Customer satisfaction index improved by 30% post-go-live of implementation.
  • Complete customer information at one place with a 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Our solution helped bring speed and control to sales and customer management processes.
  • Management of all products and respective knowledge base articles in one system enabling the account managers to respond faster and be more proactive.


  • Tight integration with SAP systems for visibility of ERP transactions to have informed conversations with the customers.
  • Real-time visibility of market demands, and requests helped management take proactive decisions instead of reactive.
  • Operations became process dependent rather than account manager dependent.

The Intellika Advantage

“Thank you Intellika for the co-operation and support; for accommodating all our requirements and providing prompt solutions. The sales module and the technical query and complaint modules all went live. Keep up the good work!!”