How we powered a 25% productivity hike for a leading Logistics firm.

One of the major players in the Indian Logistics sector was stumped with how their on-premises CRM wasn’t helping productivity. We understood that the existing CRM tool suffered from a lack of user-friendliness and mobility. They had already made huge capital expenditures on the CRM and were yet to see any results as there was no 360-degree view of the customer for the sales team. Intellika stepped in to transform their operations into a future-ready process with the Sales Automation solution.

The Problem

One of India’s largest integrated logistics solutions providers was using on-premises CRM software with a large Capex investment and limited mobile productivity. With a complex technology architecture that wasn’t user-friendly, the customer had the following challenges:

  • Sub-optimal processes and resource utilization.
  • Integration with multiple operations systems.
  • Excessive time taken to roll out CRM across all branches.
  • Mobility issues since there was no Mobile enablement on CRM.

The sales team was unable to cross-sell and upsell to their clients effectively as there was no comprehensive knowledge base or dashboard where the team could get complete visibility of all the diverse product lines and businesses.

The Solution

Intellika stepped in to transform their existing sales and CRM operations into a future-ready process by implementing IERA Sales Force Automation solution. We understood that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is what they need to build better customer experience by bringing real-time visibility to their sales operations and CRM processes.

Our team of experts integrated Sales Automation solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to improve customer satisfaction by 30%. Our seamless integration of their contact center helped increase the productivity of inside sales team by 25% while also enabling a 360-degree view of customer information for better relationship management.

The Impact

Key Benefit Areas

  • A 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Higher speed and control of Sales processes.
  • Management of all product lines and respective knowledge base articles in one system
  • Enabling the sales team to be informed on all opportunities across accounts to maximize cross-selling.
  • Tight integration with SAP systems for real-time inventory and booking/order management.


  • Customer satisfaction index improved by 30%.
  • Inside sales team productivity improved by 25 % as they stopped juggling between various systems.
  • Real-time visibility of Sales Operations helped management take proactive decisions instead of reactive.
  • Cross-selling opportunities increased tremendously as the account managers from various business lines started to collaborate better.

The Intellika Advantage

“Thank you Intellika team for helping us Go-Live and automate our CFS division on Microsoft Dynamic 365 as per project timelines. It is helping us in managing our end-to-end sales processes more efficiently.”

– Manager IT