The Challenge
The Challenge:
Real Estate and construction companies struggle with providing a seamless customer experience to their potential clients. Collating leads from various sources, tracking and maintaining a database of communications that covers all touch points such as cold calls, site visits, and bookings are a major pain point for the industry.
What does the industry need?
In a distribution world the most important factor for dealers and Sales executive is the visibility of data for the entire value chain in the The sales team must have complete visibility of existing inventory, prices and confirmed sales to avoid multi-selling.
Mobile productivity
All data, documentation, and processes must be digitized and accessible on mobile so that the sales team remains productive while on the go.
Our Solution
Our Solution:
iERA Real Estate intelligently automates the sales process with seamless integration with existing booking applications and ERPs such as SAP as well as lead sources such as Caller Telephony interface, Email, SMS and Websites.
iERA Real estate comes with comprehensive performance tracking for sales agents on the number of site visits and bookings. The solution has a single dashboard for all client interactions including phone calls, SMS, site visit plan, bookings, demand letter, and payment updates.
360° Customer View
  • Complete information of customers in one place
  • Phone calls and e-mail communications
  • Site visits and interested assets
  • Booking Management
  • Demand letters and outstanding
End-to-end Automation with simplified Tech
  • Standardization and automation of process involved in the customer journey from initial engagement to possession
  • Replace disparate systems with one on-demand cloud solution
  • Save on Capex investment in huge Tech infra
Performance Tracking and Live Reporting
  • Accountability of all interactions and communications with the client
  • Transparency in credit for any conversion and sale to the respective salesperson
  • Live reports on the number of leads sourced, efforts of contact center team, bookings, and outstanding
Actionable Business insights
  • Actionable analytics to adapt your business and take corrective actions to changing market demands
  • Live dashboards and interactive reports
  • Proactively address customer needs
Why iERA?

Easy adaptability
The learning curve is low as the platform is designed in the context of MS Office.

Customized MIS and Document Management
Clients will have a dedicated support team who can guide the distributors and dealers on efficiently using the system. Any issues or concerns regarding the DMS are promptly resolved with extensive handholding

Centralized data for global access
The platform has a common Data Model across all Business apps. It has ready-connectors for integration with all major 3rd party applications so that you can plug and play with your existing technology stack.