The Challenge
The Challenge:
The manufacturing industry is riddled with a large number of distributors and customers and the sales team often resorts to haphazard and ad-hoc ways of managing the large distribution and customer network. As data is often managed in personal excel sheets or documents any change in the sales team can have a high business impact due to person dependencies.
What does the industry need?
Excellent Customer Experience
The company should be able to deliver an excellent customer service experience through its sales team and channel partners.
Process Dependent System
Sales must be process dependent and not person dependent so that attrition does not impact the sales process.
Mobile productivity
All data, documentation, and processes must be digitized and accessible on mobile so that the sales team remains productive while on the go.
Our Solution
Our Solution:
iERA Manufacturing hub is a sales productivity solution with built-in expense tracking and field visit planning features to help improve sales team performance. The solution seamlessly integrates with all office productivity tools.
B2B Sales Management
  • Customer 360 Degree view
  • Lead to Quote cycle management
  • Sample Management
  • Sales Budget and Tracking
  • Sales Forecast
  • Intuitive dashboard for the management
  • Journey Cycle plan / Beat Plan management
Easy adaptability
The learning curve is low as the platform is designed in the context of MS Office.
Customized MIS
The platform has Real-time Dashboards, Interactive reports, Simplified exploration, and complete goal management automation.
Centralized data for global access
The platform has a common Data Model across all Business apps. It has ready-connectors for integration with all major 3rd party applications so that you can plug and play with your existing technology stack.
Why iERA?

Brings Speed and Control to the sales process:
  • Helps to standardize and automate sales process workflows.
  • Improves control over the cost of sales and omnichannel engagement.
  • Improves Mobile Productivity and helps sales team access and work with data from any place, any time.
  • Helps increase the output per resource.
Helps foster better relationships with clients:
  • Single dashboard for account information including Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Dues all in one place.
  • Gives the sales team a 360° view of accounts enabling fully informed discussions with the client at all stages.
Promotes service excellence
  • Helps manufacturing organizations build a performance-driven sales network.
  • Enables you to identify and convert disgruntled customers into delighted ones.
  • Helps you plan personalized strategies to win the loyalty of customers.
Actionable business insights
  • Detailed analytics help you adapt your business and take corrective actions to change in market demands.
  • Live dashboards and interactive reports that give you visibility on trends to help proactively address customer needs.