The Challenge
The Challenge:
Managing efficient operations, potential generation and customer experience is a major challenge for logistics companies that are scaling up their business. Account managers often lack a 360-degree view of Sales Opportunities, Orders, Payments and Complaints that is required to facilitate an end to end logistics process.
What does the industry need?
Customer 360 degree view
employees and customer should have a 360-degree view of the logistics operations including the status of their shipment, ETA, and tracking.
Targeted service
Customers should be informed on all updates through targeted service via Omnichannel solutions.
Mobile productivity
All data, documentation, and processes must be digitized and accessible on mobile to ensure field force is productive on the go.
Our Solution
Our Solution:
iERA Logistics Management solution built on the Dynamics 365 platform meets all possible customer engagement needs of logistics players. The solution is scalable enough to serve any number of product lines. The solution can be used to automate all processes and workflows and can be seamlessly integrated with Line of Business applications, Accounting systems, and Office productivity suite to ensure minimal interruption to business continuity.
iERA Logistics management system includes:
Sales and Customer Management
  • Build a 360° profile of your customers.
  • Track all your interactions with prospective customers in one place.
  • Cross-sell and upsell easily with detailed interaction history.
  • Track Account Potential
  • Help in Cross selling
Integrated tech architecture
  • Automate your order management.
  • Track and optimize inventory and fleet utilization.
  • Warehousing and reverse logistics management.
Business Intelligence
  • Timely insights to help you take action.
  • Asset and investment management.
  • Gives management ability to forecast demand.
  • Helps you build a scalable business process.
Features of iERA Logistics Management System:
360° Customer View
  • Complete information of customers in one place
  • Ability to manage leads and opportunities from a single dashboard.
  • View past history of orders and services availed along with pending invoices.
  • View all communications and interactions with the customer.
Easily identify Cross-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities
  • Comprehensive customer profile helps you identify opportunities to upsell services.
  • Enables seamless customer experience at all touch points.
  • Helps foster long terms relationships with customers.
End-to-end Automation
  • Standardization and automation of process involved in the customer journey from initial engagement to possession
  • Replace disparate systems with one on-demand cloud solution
  • Save on Capex investment in huge Tech infra
Actionable Business insights
  • Actionable analytics to adapt your business and take corrective actions to changing market demands
  • Live dashboards and interactive reports
  • Proactively address customer needs
Why iERA Logistics Management System?

Easy adaptability
The learning curve is low as the platform is designed in the context of MS Office.

Customized MIS and Document Management
The platform has Real-time Dashboards, Interactive reports, Simplified exploration, and complete goal management automation. It also has a streamlined document management system through integration with SharePoint or Azure blob.

Centralized data for global access
The platform has a common Data Model across all Business apps. It has ready-connectors for integration with all major 3rd party applications so that you can plug and play with your existing technology stack.