The Challenge
The Challenge:
Whether you run a large scale law practice or your corprate legal team, or a small law firm or a corporate law office misses out on a single court date or conflicts in hearing times it can cause tremendous reputation loss to your business. Inadvertent negligence's and regulatory noncompliance can also lead to huge penalties that can cripple your practice or your organization.
What does the industry need?
Litigation Management:
Legal team need access to complete case-related information with total visibility and control over end-to-end process flow.
Document Management:
Legal team must be able to access documents anywhere on any device to free up more time to spend on preparation and extra cases.
Finance Management:
Strong real-time visibility into expenses for any particular case to monitor and track profitability.
Our Solution
Our Solution:
The stakes have never been higher, so why wouldn't you use the best tools at your disposal. iERA Legal automates and assists your legal team by providing them with a single dashboard to track pending disputes, case files, legal histories, associated risks and more. This helps your legal team prepare better for their day in court and focus on winning cases instead of wasting time on documentation and operations.
Features of iERA Legal Case Management Software:
End to end litigation management:
Reminders on pending payments, court dates, risks involved all at one touch. Slash inefficiencies and help your legal team focus on what matters, their day in court.
Easy access to documents:
Secure access to all case-related information backed up on the cloud. Ability to review all historical data related to cases in seconds.
Automated finances management:
Automate invoicing in a GST compliant system and reduce penalties due to delayed/non-payment. Highlights recurring disputes and litigations so that they can be mitigated in the future.
Easy integration:
Works with your existing tools such as Document Management Systems, ERP Systems, CRMs and Office 365 suite. Seamlessly organize information flow and cut down on man-hours spent in data