The Challenge
The Challenge:
Managing vast networks of distributors big and small across the country and making sure that they are equ15ped with the right information at the right time can prove to be a nightmare. In today's fast-paced business environment Distributors and dealers need to be more responsive than ever before to be able to meet evolving customer demands with Agility.
What does the industry need?
Secondary and Tertiary Sales Visibility
In a distribution world the most important factor for dealers and Sales executive is the visibility of data for the entire value chain in the ecosystem. Having visibility to secondary and tertiary data helps sales team and distributor better plan and project sales.
Access to transaction data
Distributors require online access to various transactions such as order booking, invoices, ledgers, credit limit, dispatch information, price list, and promotion information to sell accurately.
Timely information
They must have ready access to information on all product updates, circulars to stay up to date on sales and operations matters.
Inventory visibility
Distributors must have complete visibility of available inventory at the warehouse at all times.
Forecasting capabilities
Distributors need access to data that helps them plan their sales for the season to place orders well in advance.
Our Solution
Our Solution:
iERA Dealer Management system helps improve dealer and distributor performance by seamlessly tracking your secondary sales and channel sales operations. The key functions such as stock replenishment, inventory tracking, promotions and offers management, and more can be easily managed on one single system. IERA DMS helps you achieve better visibility on your channel sales, incentivize top performers and plan your sales network more efficiently.
Features of Dealer Management System:
Order Management System:
Take orders via retailers through sales team through mobile app directly mapping the distributors or allow retailers/distributors to place order directly via the portal.
Journey Cycle plan Management:
Sales team can plan their entire day, week or month by just click of a button . They can also track or optimize their daily route with complete expense management.
Knowledge Management capabilities:
The solution takes periodic dumps from ERP systems to equip distributors with the latest information. Product literature can be managed on the CRM to easily answer distributor queries such as guidelines, use cases, how-tos and more.
Announcements and updates:
Deliver latest product updates to distributors via newsletters, Kaizala , Yammer, SMS or apps.
Inventory tracking:
Provides distributor insights into inventory availability at the warehouse through the CRM.
Data insights:
Gives distributor the ability to view historic data and plan demand for the quarter or season based on these insights.
Why iERA Dealer Management System?

Seamless Implementation
Our network of implementation partners ensure that the dealers and distributor receive in-depth training on using the solution. We have years of implementation expertise across industries and are equipped to help you adopt the solution with minimal interruption to your business.

Support Helpdesk
Clients will have a dedicated support team who can guide the distributors and dealers on efficiently using the system. Any issues or concerns regarding the DMS are promptly resolved with extensive handholding