How to choose your CRM Partner

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Define Your Project Needs

The primary step is to assess what you may need help with. Want to see or demonstrate different CRM platforms? Have you already decided on your CRM technology? If yes, then do you need help setting it up? Need help with integration? Need help streamlining your business processes with technology? Do your CRM users need training and support? How much support do you need overall?


Work with your CRM partner to find out what your current operations are and how you want them to be. This step also helps you narrow your partnership options based on the services offered.


Define Your Partner Selection Criteria

What qualifications and developer skills would you like your partner to have in addition to experience with the CRM tool you plan to use? 


Consider other questions such as: What is their vision or mission statement? Are you looking for a partner with specific experience in your industry? How much control should CRM partners have? How do they handle customer service issues? Need help with sales, marketing, and customer service, not just CRM?


Use caution during the evaluation period to find a CRM partner that meets your selection criteria. Don’t settle for the first internet browser search results. Do your research right. 

Ideally, you want a partner who embraces your organization’s culture, understands your business needs, and helps you achieve business outcomes.


Contact Partner References

Check your partner referrals to see if their credibility and reputation stand. Research case studies or testimonials from previous clients. A potential CRM partner should be able to provide such resources. 

Treat this stage like an interview. 


This helps you move forward with confidence knowing that other useful CRM projects have been completed.


Outline & Articulate Partner Expectations

Once you’ve chosen a CRM partner, it’s important to define what makes your project successful. Formulate expectations and set measurable goals. 


Outline your project expectations and share with your CRM partner to ensure collaboration. For example: Do you have time on your hands? Do you have a list of integrations or customizations you want to complete? What do you want your CRM users to know and be able to do on your CRM platform?


Technology projects large and small can be derailed by unexpected challenges. For this reason, it is important to outline expectations before the project officially starts. 

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