Digital transformation is the new renaissance. In fact, going digital is no longer the differentiator it once was ... it's the price of admission for doing business! Microsoft's latest cloud-based ERP tool Dynamics Business Central is a giant leap towards digitizing your businesses processes to achieve maximum efficiency.
Driving Digital Transformation
Digital feedback loops
Data is captured as a digital signal across the business.
Intelligence is applied to connect and synthesize the data.
Action is recommended and taken to improve business outcones.
Why Microsoft Business Applications?
Build on your strengths
Micfosoft make it easier to enter new markets using the Microsoft development and management tools you already know.
Lead with innovation
Modular, highly customizable apps built on a unified platform of common data services, AI, and business intelligence can help you differentiate your offerings.
Broaden your reach
Accelerate business results with Microsoft partner marketing resources that increase visibility of your solutions and services.
Supply chain and inventory management
Unleash the power of predictive inventory replenishment with Business Central. Leveraging deep analytics, you now purchase only what you need and when you need it. Leverage effective business monitoring with accelerated accounting capabilities. You can also keep a tab on accounts receivables and payables and reconcile payments for seamless reporting.
Financial management
Combine Power BI visualisations and dashboards to unleash a complete, real-time view of financial performance. It does so by connecting your sales, inventory and customer service analytics.
Project management
Manage resource profitability and correct customer invoicing. You can track resource usage and availability, plus monitor visibility into stock, orders and quotes. You can now track project timelines with real-time metrics which will help predict and act on performance and resource optimisation.
Helps your sales team by predicting and highlighting top revenue-driving opportunities. Your sales team can now capture complete interactions with customers and track leads. You can also pinpoint optimal selling opportunities throughout the sales life cycle.
Operations management
Control your production costs while continuously tracking and meeting customer demand. With Business Central you can calculate your optimum manufacturing capacity and table production schedules and timelines.
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