Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manages operational processes of SMB organization and helps to achieve process automation which enhances operational productivity and minimize risk of process failure.

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central can be deployed on cloud and on premise also
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central has very good capacity of inbuild customization based on various industry requirement and integration with various systems
  • Automated workflows help to smoothen complex process which enhances business.
  • Business can connect Business Central data with all kinds of Apps of Microsoft 365 such as MS CRM, Finance and Operation and other ERP with low code approach.
  • Business Central is well capable to manage cash flow, bank reconciliation, business budgeting with project costing. Such kind of features helps organizations to enhance their operational processes.
  • Strong reporting helps business to have strong financial and operational analysis and analytics.
  • Track of interaction with customers helps business to enhance analysis of cross sell, up sell and renewal of opportunities.
  • Flexible pricing and discount and cash flow management helps business to drive their customer and product related financial processes.
  • Business can keep a track of sales return and service stock easily so that customer will have better service experience related to their goods returned or in service.
  • In built project management and costing give better insight of current project scenarios and helps to have better forecasting.
  • Supplier management with best offer and order management gives good support to purchase department.
  • Automated Approval management process for purchase of goods enhances processes for purchase department and management team.
  • Warehouse management of Business Central gives good strength for stock inventory movement.
  • Bill of Material and Work Order processes of Business Central gives good strength to inventory operational activities.
  • Inbuilt CRM capability makes Business Central more effective system for organization.


Implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central will enhance all operational processes related to accounts, stock management, warehouse management, service management which are bottleneck for multiple industry. Quick and easy implementation and integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives holistic process enhancement for any SMB organization.

Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Robust and Extensive system which controls Finance, Accounts and Operations related processes with high accuracy for any large-scale industry. Compatible for at least greater than 20 users.

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation manages all accounts related transaction and processes such as ledgers, bank reconciliation, cash flow.
  • Automated processes and approval management makes system robust and accurate for CFO and management.
  • Strong feature of cash flow management helps organization to forecast future trend of cash flow which would be a good tool for data driven decision.
  • Intelligent feature of budget proposal uses historical data and prepares smart and strong budget which reduces time and risk of gaps.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations has inbuilt feature to activate foreign currencies which handles foreign exchange business process and generates flexible reports in single instance.
  • Automatic submission of supplier invoice based on receipt of products via customizable workflows saves time and cost of and organization
  • Revenue, Expenses and Cash flow helps to manage business growth and future payment risk
  • Feature of subscription billing is very helpful to handle complex billing and pricing requirements.
  • Prioritization of task and important financial work helps organization to achieve good productivity.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations gives benefits of rules-based chart of accounts and low-code/no-code globalization services to simplify tax calculation, electronic invoicing, regulatory reports, and global payments with business documentation.
  • Inbuilt feature of System can be used for 44 countries in 52 languages helps organization to manage their global business.
  • Configurable business documents with Microsoft 365 business templates helps business to adapt changes of business and legal requirement with minimum customization which saves time and cost of organization.


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations helps large scale organization to automate their financial processes with low-code and no-code approach which helps company to save their time, cost and improves accuracy. Financial forecasting becomes easy with help of cash flow, payment risk and budgeting which are very crucial requirement of CFO and management.

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