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How we helped a leading IT services firm to overcome their Siloed business process.
A leading US-based IT firm had an unnecessarily complex sales process that lacked standardization across key functions. The lack of an organized Sales CRM led to an inefficient decision-making process with overlaps across functions and hierarchy. This led to a lack of productivity amongst the sales team and a person dependent process. Intellika stepped in to help them manage their leads and decision-making process all on one platform, helping expedite their sales cycle and improving sales efficiency.
The Problem - Logistics
The Problem:
The firm lacked a unified CRM platform that could empower them to forge strong relationships with clients and deliver on time and on budget.
  • Low productivity of Sales team with no clearly defined processes for lead management.
  • No tracking of communications and interactions with the customers other than on email.
  • Sales is highly person dependent, rather than process dependent.
The Solution - Logistics
The Solution:
iERA professional services suite built on the Dynamics 365 platform helps serve the business management needs of Consulting and Service-oriented organizations. It helps automate the lead management process to help sales teams be proactive and stay miles ahead of the competition.
The Impact:
Key benefit Areas
Customer View
  • Complete information of customers in one place.
  • Opportunities, Cases, Projects and Invoices management on one portal.
  • Visibility of all communications with a client as well as satisfaction index.
Performance Tracking and Live Reporting
  • Goal management with well defined KPIs.
  • Live reports on open opportunities, revenue per account and revenue per account manager.
  • Comprehensive tracking of the performance of service desk and delivery.
End-to-end Automation
  • Standardization and automation of service and delivery process.
  • Replaces disparate systems with one on-demand cloud solution.
  • Comes with extensive marketing automation and necessary third-party integrations.
  • Helps save on huge Capex investment in Technology and security infrastructure.
Actionable Business Insights
  • Actionable analytics to adapt and take corrective action if required.
  • Live dashboards and interactive reports with rich visualization.
  • Visibility to proactively address customer needs.
  • Customer satisfaction index improved across all parameters.
  • Inside sales team productivity improved as they stopped juggling between various systems.
  • Real-time visibility of Sales Operations helped management take proactive decisions instead of reactive.
  • Cross-selling opportunities increased tremendously as the account managers from various business lines started to collaborate better.