AI - Real Time People Counting

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a program or machine to think and learn. It is also a research field that seeks to make computers intelligent. In general terms, the term “artificial intelligence” means a program that mimics human understanding.

Real-Time People Counting

With a sensor at your facility or washroom entrance, always know your occupancy and traffic patterns in real-time, down to the second.

  • How many people are in your building or in an area?
  • How many people are in an area, washroom or level at a given time?
  • Know your traffic trends and busiest times, optimize staffing accordingly
  • What specific entrances and washrooms are being used and when?
  • Optional Employee Recognition
  • Optional Face Mask Recognition
  • Optional Male/Female Recognition
  • Live Occupancy Digital Displays
  • 99% + accuracy
  • A1 Innovation Group analytics dashboard with customizable reports

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time cloud-based dashboard that lets you access your data when you need it

  • View real-time information important to your KPI’s
  • Compare historical data to analyze your results over time and measure the success of executed programming at your site
  • Share traffic and results with key stakeholders, such as merchants and co-owners

Live Occupancy Digital Displays

In response to COVID-19, you can now give guests peace of mind by displaying real-time occupancy on a digital screen. Can be used for facility, levels, washrooms, food courts, gaming floors, areas and more.

  • Let visitors know the current occupancy of your facility, level, washroom, gaming floor, area, etc.
  • Notify visitors when it is recommended (or not) to enter
  • Set maximum occupancy thresholds and receive automatic alerts if capacity is close to full, or full.
  • Programable to any size tablet or monitor

Washroom Analytics

Optimize staffing and cleaning efficiencies by knowing which washrooms are being used and when.

Set automatic notifications when they need attended based on number of visits.

Picture4 (1)
Picture3 (1)
  • Automatic alerts let management and cleaning staff know when a washroom needs attending based on customizable threshold. (e.g., send cleaning staff to replenish supplies and clean washroom after 75 visits).
  • With added plug and play Bluetooth technology, know your cleaning staff’s response time and how long they spend cleaning each washroom. (e.g., once the alert has been sent, how long did it take for a cleaner to respond to that cleaning request, and how long did they spend cleaning the washroom)

Live Occupancy Meters

Display real-time occupancy on our easy-to- read Occupancy Meters.

You can now view occupancy levels of your facility, level, washroom, gaming floor, food court or any area that is being counted, on any device with internet connectivity.

  • Easy-to-read live occupancy meters which show daily visits and current occupancy.
  • Set different maximum occupancy thresholds based on square footage, washroom size, stall numbers, sitting areas, etc.
  • Allow operations and security to easily view occupancy of all areas that are being counted on one screen.

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