7 Reasons Why Azure Cloud Services Is An Best Choice For Your Start-Up

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What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is an open-source cloud computing platform which helps in development, data storage, service hosting, and service management. The Azure tool hosts web applications over the internet with the help of Microsoft data centers.


Why must you choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

Organizations around the world have succeeded by adapting cloud powered business solutions. They are redefining the business with the use of scalable, secure, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. Globally, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure to drive their business. Integrated Azure cloud services allow the organizations to build, deploy, and manage any complex applications quickly and easily. Microsoft Azure supports multiple programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices, allowing the organization to use the technology & tool they trust.


Why azure cloud services is an excellent choice for Start-ups?


1. Microsoft Azure is Easy to Use and Easy to Deploy :

IT professionals in small and medium-sized organizations, especially those comfortable with Windows management, find Azure easy to use because it has many out-of-the-box features. The user interface is effortless with many features. Microsoft Azure gives the organization complete freedom to build and deploy anywhere to meet their needs and manage applications across the global network of data centers. In addition, you can use selected applications, tools, and frameworks. Azure supports a variety of operating systems and programming languages, open-source technologies, databases, and devices.


2. Flexible Pricing :

Microsoft’s Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model allows the organizations to manage their budget by paying for the resources/services they have used or build and also allow the scaling of the resources as per their requirements. This minimizes IT management costs as the infrastructure is managed by Microsoft on Azure. Azure has Microsoft’s startup-friendly program. This program gives startups five free accounts at the beginning to use Microsoft developer software. It also offers free Azure hosting credits. This is very beneficial for startups who work with limited resources and budget.


3. Disaster Recovery :

With fast growing & modernized infrastructure, Microsoft Azure Clous Services offers endless possibilities for disaster recovery planning. This allows startups to run critical applications and data from extra locations during recovery times, which can be hours or even days. If you are using a robust disaster recovery system like the one provided by Azure, your work will be unaffected, and you will have less risk of losing your business.


4. Data Protection :

With decades of experience building enterprise software, Microsoft has successfully developed good security practices and robust technologies that protect your Azure infrastructure from attacks. It helps in protecting your company’s customer data by managing and controlling user access with more secure logins. With its extensive encryption capabilities, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services also offers many options to choose from based on your business needs. It also provides protection against online threats with anti-malware for virtual machines and cloud services. Startups don’t have to hire a team of IT engineers to protect their data-Azure does it for them.


5. Scalability :

The main benefits of using Microsoft Azure for small businesses is the flexibility to scale up or down the resources as per the requirement. Vertical scaling allows organizations to scale up or down the number and functionality of resources. Horizontal scaling allows you to scale out by increasing or decreasing the number of resources based on the processing job. This allows organizations to build scalable architectures that can be automatically scaled up or down based on specific business needs.


6. IaaS and PaaS capabilities :

Azure offers an attractive combination of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). With IaaS, organizations can offload their infrastructure to Azure and pay only for what they use. With PaaS, you can build your own web apps and solutions without having to buy and maintain. An Azure consultant can work with companies on Azure PaaS and IaaS to build enterprise apps in the cloud to accelerate business growth.


7. Integration with Office 365 :

Azure is developed and maintained by Microsoft, much effort has been made to integrate cloud usage with existing products such as Office 365 and Outlook. Given the very widespread adoption of these products in both the public and private sectors, this level of integration helps organizations efficiently adopt and utilize Azure cloud services for migration reasons.



Microsoft’s Azure has evolved by providing a cloud infrastructure and platform that can be designed to the specific needs of your organization. The platform easily adopts the security best practices and the new technologies to further enhance its offerings. Intellika Hitech Systems Pvt Ltd is a state-of-the-art cloud solution provider. We’ve helped 30+ major brands move from inefficient legacy systems to Intelligent Cloud-Based applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure , Microsoft Dynamics Business central / NAV solutions and more.

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