Top 7 Benefits How Microsoft Dynamics CRM can Help Non-profit Organization

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Benefits of Implementation of MS CRM for Non-Profit Organization

For a nonprofit preparing for even fundamental activities like building relationships with clients, donors, and volunteers, especially in the current world scenario can be quite daunting without the right tools and applications.
Thankfully, software solutions like Dynamics 365 which is set up to support such noble causes, and such organizations gain admittance to platforms that help them in accomplishing more.


Custom Build Dynamics 365 CRM

One biggest drawback of the donor or member management solution is that as a nonprofit, you must adjust your
business as per the features provided in the software. With Dynamics 365 CRM, however, you can customize the
systems, amend it the way it suits your mission needs.

The use of pre-built accelerators makes customizing faster and easier.


Below are 7 major Reasons why non-profit organization should switch to Dynamics 365 CRM:


1. Enable cooperation between departments.

Any non-profit organization consists of several departments such as constituents, volunteers, finance, logistics
and beneficiaries etc. depending upon the type of services. And they tend to overlap in various programs and
may use different methods to interact amongst themselves.

Dynamics 365 CRM provides a comprehensive view of all the interactions that any person within any department has with others, at any given point in time, creating a 360-degree span of the organization on a single dashboard. This makes coordination very effective for every user to keep track of all activities.


2. Grant Management

In lots of NPO grant management is unfortunately highly unorganized and poorly managed. When applying for a
grant for your non-profit, Dynamics 365 lets employees easily manage and track the process right from the time
it is applied till the time it gets processed, released, and deployed at your organization.

The tool allows you to automate reminders or renewals and make them visible for others as well. You can track
all grant opportunities using Dynamics 365, from the application procedure to awarding the grant. This will make
the Grant management process much efficient and smooth for all stakeholders.


3. Donor Management

Donor Management describes a constituent development starting from setting up their basic information to
solicitation to forging a relationship to donations and gift acknowledgment.

Automated Business Process Flow of MS CRM gives a proper structure and characterization to your exclusive
Donor Management process. The Business Process Flow directs you through and prompts you to collect the
crucial data points required at every stage and helps you to understand the current stage of donation which is a
key requirement of stakeholders.

If donations are a major factor in your organization, NPO can run multiple campaigns at the same time to target
key donors with required details via email campaign to motivate them for further donation.


4. Volunteer Management

This is often the most important thing a non-profit does on a day-to-day basis. Dynamics 365 can help you track
your volunteers and make sure that they are made to feel valued. In turn, which can help you retain them for
the long term (which helps reduce training costs as well).

NPO can keep track of activities assigned to Volunteers with status which helps them take benefits of
productivity of volunteers.


5. Event and Campaign Management

Several add-ons work right inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 which brings in robust email marketing capabilities.
These add-ons help NPO to send emails about their upcoming projects, tracking responses, click-thru rates, heat
maps, and an assortment of other information, very conveniently. MS CRM helps you to keep track of several
market surveys and events easily through these add-ons.

MS CRM enables organizations to compile reports and have a better knowledge of the campaign pitch’s


6. Fund Raising Management

Due to several requirements of donation Fund raising management has become crucial process for NPO as these
needs to be tracked to keep transparency between Donor, NPO and Consumer.

To achieve fund raising requirements, social media outreach is very important for any Non-Profit organizations.
Users may combine Dynamics 365 CRM with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to
plan, execute, and analyze social media initiatives. For any upcoming events, users can schedule postings for
social media platforms in Dynamics CRM. This will help them to reach out to a growing number of potential
donors which will fasten their fund-raising process.


7. Microsoft Power Platform

Nonprofit organizations can use the Power Platform of Microsoft to reduce the cost of license by using the
Power Apps approach. Model driven or Canvas Apps having integration with CDS and various connectors and
software within D365 gives extensive use of Power Platform to streamline NPO’s various processes and make
robust and efficient systems for everyone.



Implementation of MS CRM for Nonprofit Organization help them to reduce their cost, to manage grant, donor related processes. Even effective campaign management and integration with social media helps NPO to raise funds on time with minimum manual efforts and helps to keep transparency with donors as well.

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