Telecom companies face challenges pertaining to customer demands on the latest technological offerings. The convergence of networks and application in this information era has become the next path-breaking move in core mass-market technology providing seamless connectivity and integrated user experience.

Intellika’s Telecom Solutions help you identify and address the challenges and opportunities created by convergence.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • In today’s competitive environment success is characterized by the ability to meet ever changing stakeholder’s expectations on one hand and a rapidly changing technology environment on the other.
  • Telecom service providers are facing tremendous challenges on improving bottom line, high customer churn, new competition, user experience, and demand for value added services and heavy investments for network transformation.
  • At the same time, new innovations, advent of next generation wireless technology, converged networks, competition from new entrants and demand for end-to-end managed services from service providers is putting immense pressure on telecom eservice vendors.

What Intellika Provides

  • Intellika’s solutions and service offerings meets requirement of telecom service providers including consulting, operations and Enterprise IT. Our solutions will help you identify and meet the challenges and opportunities created by convergence of applications and network.
  • Our consultants bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience of the telecommunications industry ecosystem by virtue of engaging with the world’s leading equipment vendors and service providers.
  • We partner with you to build and implement innovative strategies and solutions to help you remain competitive, improve processes and infrastructure, and transform the way you conduct business.

Business Value

Partnering with us will enable you to realize the following benefits:
  • Product innovation at a fast pace by utilizing our domain knowledge
  • Fast time-to-market through our best-in-class solution platforms, ready-to-use frameworks and platform solutions
  • Improved operational costs through right-sourcing, service bundling and landscape rationalization
  • Ability to remain competitive in the next generation communications marketplace
  • Improved customer satisfaction through our established process transformation capabilities

Our Clients