Real Estate

A significant shift has taken place in real estate technology which is going to impact the entire industry in the years to come. This has happened gradually over the years but the change is Visible these days. It is the result of the constant changing environment this causing pressure on the industry to change the way it used to work.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • Integrated Environment: Just like social media helps in connecting people, activities & their interests similarly real estate software’s has a need to connect people and data like leads , contacts ,sales trend , web data as well external data like Bank loans , foreclosures , demographics & marketing lists. Intellika provides an integrated CRM and ERP solution which helps in overcoming these challenges.
  • Pressure from Channel Partners: More than ninety percent of the sale in real estate industry comes from the channel partner’s i.e Brokers and agents. Hence there is a huge pressure from the channel partner community to come up with a solution which keeps them informed about the new products, new trends, demographics, Brokerage incentives etc. There is a need to have IT solutions which are easy to use for non-tech savy agents which is integrated with multiple business functions.
  • Data and Control: There is hardly any informative data available to brokers and agents. Agents need tax details, foreclosure data and marketing list data. They need lot of demographic and statistics to define the segments they want to target. Broker need a lot of control over these information and the solution given to them to train their agents and meet expectations of their client by providing common services through these agents. This will help them to deliver their services efficiently and will surely help to differentiate themselves in the market against their peers.

What Intellika Provides

Intellika provides easy to use integrated technology so that Brokers and agents who are the key stakeholders for this industry can efficiently make use of the technology to provide value added services to its customers. Intellika’s Real estate CRM provides easy access to brokers, agents and the customers data in an understandable format thus by ensuring that all participants in the ecosystem are satisfied. Our strategy, solutions and services, meets our client expectation and solve business challenges by business process re-engineering, innovation and by bringing operational efficiency.

Our Clients