Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is considered to be one of the most complexes in today’s era, thinning new drug in making compared to rising drug research costs, patent expirations and generics compared to Merger/acquisition/outsourcing, compliance vs. competitiveness, and social media compared to traditional sales. Ensuring the right balance for success will come from efficient business and cost models, with new innovation, enterprise-wide.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • Customer centric Solutions: Patients now have a higher stake in health management decisions and treatment regimes. They are not looking for mere drugs but want complete health solution. Expectations are increasing, more adherence and compliance support for complex and chronic treatments, less cost, and better outcomes.
  • Shifting Sales Techniques: With social media used coming into picture, and the omniscient Internet and mobility are transforming commercial operations, customer interactions, and collaboration. Technology solutions can help firms in making their digital shift seamless and deliver results with a mix of analytics, cross-channel interaction, and customized solution.
  • Global Regulatory Changes and Compliance: Firms are facing pressure from government intervention in healthcare and higher scrutiny of safety, comparative effectiveness, ethics, and quality. Navigating and managing the regulatory and compliance patchwork across the globe is now a business-critical issue, which calls for robust IT frameworks that improve compliance at lower cost.

What Intellika Provides

Trained diverse blend of industry professionals who understand changing dynamics of industry, we identify places new technology into pharmaceutical and biotech which will provide value addition to your company. Using our industry-leading strengths in consulting, technology and sourcing, we help clients address their challenges in three ways – business transformation, accelerating innovation and improved operations

Business Value

Partnering with us will enable you to realize the following benefits:
  • Drive change management in areas like sales , marketing & supply chain to increase your bottom line
  • Our innovative solution can help increase your R&D productivity
  • Our process re-engineering will help you stream line the way you operate and manage your services.

Our Clients