Mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Resco Mobile CRM

Put Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your phone or tablet and see where the road takes you. Supported mobile platforms: iPhone/iPad Android Windows

Enhance productivity of field Sales Team.

Resco Mobile CRM gives you around-the-clock access to your CRM system, so you can be productive whenever and wherever you happen to be. Packed with over 100 features, it's the ultimate tool for mobile productivity.

Streamline Collaboration with Dealers and Distributors

A Dynamics CRM application doesn’t have to be for employees only. You can create one for external non-CRM users; such as your contractors or clients. Why? Because there are situations, in which you would want them to have some (limited) access to your Dynamics CRM. Your distributors and dealers can manage their data, create orders without needing to contact you via phone or email

Easy to set up

It takes only 1 minute to download the application and sync it with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You don‘t need to install any middleware or server components.


Need a perfect match? We are giving you countless customization possibilities — you’ll be surprised how tailored your mobile app can become.

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