Media & Entertainment

Every industry goes through evolution and revolution phase .Media and entertainment has evolved over a period of time however if you observe last few years media and entertainment industries are going revolution phase. You can see some of the biggest changes that have happened in media technology, culture and the way they operate their business. Industry has been converging day by day and some game changing players have taken over the industry and giving fierce competition to the peers.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection:In today’s era even a rhythm produced by a drum is earning royalty by the mean of Intellectual property rights. Due to this the entire media industry has created a hurdle for them by making the entire process of royalty management and the payment calculation related to it very complex and tedious. This is hitting the bottom line of the industry and can only be improved with the help of technology which will help in making the management and safety of these assets easier.
  • Increase in Digital Media Usage:Success of YouTube is not hidden from anyone. Today’s generation wants to watch everything online and whether it is their favorite tv show or science documentary, to an immature school boy who want to see and research his educational stuff on smart phone. This pressure to deliver across multiple channels has forced enterprises to move towards sustainable solution and start utilizing digital media.

What Intellika Provides

Intellika provides its expertise in this field which is utilized by some of the experts in this field. Intellika’s trademark and IPR management system is used by some of the leading players to protect and manage their IPR/trademarks by providing details associated with it whether it is royalty fee, its tenure etc. Our strategy, solutions and services, meets our client expectation and solve business challenges by business process re-engineering, innovation and by bringing operational efficiency.

Our Clients