Industrial manufacturers have been taking all possible measures to reduce the operational cost by investing in Process re-engineering, capacity planning and drive efficiency while ensuring quality products are manufactured by meeting the required security and regulatory norms. Manufacturers come out with products which makes life simple for their users hence the job of IT providers is to give them solution which makes their life simple. Intellika provides simple manufacturing business solutions which helps to innovate new business strategies.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • Fierce Competition: Manufacturers have to produce, procure, manufacture and supply based on competitive-cost and intelligent decisions. More over to it, the regulations puts flexible controls across the company.
  • Supply chain complexity: The traditional supply chain no longer exists. Companies have started procuring materials from Low price locations which is making this business a different ball game all together. This is making the entire supply chain cycle very complex .
  • Value addition from technology investments: Even though automation of processes brings flexibility in the way company operates manufactures finds it very difficult to show the value addition against the investment made.

What Intellika Provides

Intellika is helping manufacturers to design solution which are everlasting by helping them to innovate, re-engineer their business process & bring operational efficiency.

Our Clients