Why iERA Legal+

iERA Legal+ offers all that is needed for the legal department to effectively manage disputes and litigations. It helps legal departments of large corporates and law firms to keep an eye on all pending litigations and associated risk with it.

  • It is a Web based software which is available with option of On premise deployment or software as a service
  • Fully adaptable to the environment you need in
  • Highly Scalable and suited to legal departments of small , medium and Large enterprises
  • On demand Training and Customer support
  • Option to configure and customize as per your requirement
  • Can be customized as per customer requirement
  • Option to integrated with Enterprise business application like Document Management System , ERP Systems , CRM etc
  • Option to store all previous case history and documents which makes it possible to reuse legal matters
  • Option for Legal personnel’s to collaborate and share with each other
  • Collaborate and maximize legal experience

Key Functionalities

  • Gives an insight on recurring disputes and litigations which can be used to mitigate such instances
  • Option of reviewing historical data to manage case with ease
  • Option of monitoring the case in system at every stage of litigation
  • System generates auto reminders for all the important dates and deadlines
  • System generates all kind of customized report

Our Clients