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Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) enhances the knowledge, ability, and skills of the workforce. It is an integrated application which ensures that employees stay updated, and acquire new aptitudes and proficiencies frequently. It helps you meet every objective your business undertakes.

It is a powerful, flexible, and simple software that takes care of all your training and skills development need for your entire workforce.

In today’s day and time, it is necessary for an organization’s workforce to be aligned with the company’s objectives and needs. The management is required to provide its employees’ constant training and teaching, while keeping its cost minimum. Intellika’s ELM enables you to meet these basic goals and so much more.

We are equipped to serve every learning need, whether simple or complex. While we are unmatched experts at it, we also care about your budget. You can make use of our services through SaaS, or by hosting it, or using it on-premise.

Here’s a sneak-peak of what we offer:

  • Using ELM, you can streamline your employees closest to their skills, to help them grow and get better.
  • The ELM software takes your employees’ needed information to create target specific, learning objectives. This allows each employee to focus on the area they most need to improvement in.
  • Our ELM system provides a robust platform that will help you achieve the required knowledge, and hence growth.
  • It is also a lot more cost effective than traditional instructor-led sessions and workshops.
  • Your administrative cost of learning and training interventions across departments in the organization will also drop drastically.
  • It will consolidate all your learning and training data into one management and tracking system.
  • It is also designed to bring down your integration costs greatly.
  • If your organization operates around a pre-decided structure and environment, the ELM system will further aide in maintaining and building reports of your training records.

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) (also sometimes called Talent Management System) focuses highly on providing strategic and updated aide to organizations, to help them accomplish long-term enterprise goals that revolve around human capital, workforce skills, and talent.

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