Why iERA Audit+

  • It helps you to Document all kind of audits such as ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 etc
  • It helps you to Plan and track all types of Old and New projects
  • It helps you to Report Non Conformance Report and respond to Non Conformance Report online
  • It helps you to prepare Corrective Action Plans
  • You can Conduct all kind of Audits

IERA-Audit+ is a web-enabled application which is built on five major principles :

  • Management of any Audit
  • Create Schedule of Audit
  • Assign the Audit to right auditor
  • Monitor the status of Audit
  • Take Corrective action against any NCR reported

The highlight of iERA-Audit+ is in its highly configurable audit forms and checklist .. It helps you to organize any kind of audits be it ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Financial or any kind of compliance audits. You can create a repository of different forms which can be generated or stored while the audit is in progress. Auditors can make use of this repository to download these forms for the purpose of audit. With Audit plus you can manage multiple audits at a same time.

Schedule Your Audits

With the help of Audit+ scheduling features it becomes very easy to manage various audits, the auditors associated with it, any audit types. The scheduling system in Audit+ is built in a way that you can manage the same using single Calender and system generates auto reminders to ensure that you remember your schedule. You can manage history of auditors, their qualification to ensure that any auditing is scheduled based on auditors qualification. The system will promptly tell you auditor schedule so that any conflicts can be avoided.

Conduct Audits Online

Auditors can conduct online audits and can view historical Non Conformance making audit planning efficient.  They can also respond to any Non Conformances online with the help of our online interface given to them. iERA Audit+ ensures that a regular correspondence is maintained between the auditor and stakeholder.

Respond to NCR online

System can be used by the Auditors to report any Nonconformance online and similarly as a Company stakeholder you can respond to nonconformities.

Major Features

  • You Can generate Audit reports online
  • You Can manage your Audit Calendar Online
  • You can report status of any Audit and Nonconformities through the system
  • System generates Auto notifications, Reminders and Escalation for your audits and Non conformities.

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