Insurance companies are facing new challenges with ever changing business landscape – Multiple channels, Complex distribution, Regulatory changes and New demographics. The IT landscape however has not changed so much – Maintenance of old & traditional applications are getting costlier day by day and IT applications are no longer considered as business drivers.

In order to succeed in this fast pace world Insurance companies have to come up with new strategies in order to make the industry look different by changing their traditional mindset.

Stakeholder Challenges

  • New Demographics: Consumers are becoming demanding day by day. Their way of thinking and living has changed over period of time, this demanding for more sophisticated products with higher degree of personalization. This makes it quite imperative to have solutions which ensure their involvement through social media & digital marketing.
  • Changing Market Scenarios:New market scenarios make it even more competitive and hence it is very important that operational costs are kept under control. New marketing strategies and distribution techniques along with business analytics can keep company in the race to meet changing market needs.
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements:With new global regulations being introduced every other day it is important to have a flexible IT solution which can help company to quickly comply to the requirements of the regulators
  • Web 2.0/3.0 Technologies:New era social media & mobile technologies have raised customer expectations in terms of service given to them, whereas the new concept of cloud ‘platform as a service’ ‘Software as a service’ with features like pay as you go have given industries huge possibility on concentrating on their core business and thus operate in efficient way

What Intellika Provides

We utilize our expertise in consulting, technology and sourcing to deliver next generation insurance solutions and solve business challenges by business process re-engineering, innovation and by bringing operational efficiency.

Our Clients