Build a smarter end-to-end expense reimbursement process, from report creation to processing and approval

iERA Expense

Put a control on employee spending

Most of the companies struggle in getting control of employee initiated expenses, the second largest cost at many firms, after payroll. But you need more than just record keeping—without a strategic financial solution to help you manage employee reimbursements , your company wastes both time and money . An automated expense management programs typically pay for themselves in less than a year, sometimes in as little as a quarter. Those systems save you money forever, through better cost control and greater visibility of employee spending. iERA Expense is an advanced software as a service (SaaS) that lets you buy powerful control over employee spending on a pay-as-you-go basis, your company absolutely must take control of employee-initiated spending today.

Why iERA Expense?

iERA Expense Management Expense has extensive adaptability. Combined with our expertise in expense management, you get the know-how to automate your entire expense reimbursement process, from online booking to report creation to processing, workflow management, exception management and approval. A core component of iERA Expense Reports dramatically reduces the aggravation, time, and cost of managing travel ,Mobile , Conveyance , entertainment and other miscellaneous expenses, improving both productivity and operational efficiency.

This is how it works!

iERA Expense gives you the greatest possible flexibility to create and manage expense reports whenever and wherever it’s convenient. It simplifies data entry, saves time, and eliminates manual data entry errors. Comprehensive policy control. A robust, end-to-end employee reimbursement solution, Expense Reports provides complete and configurable data capture with validation, which shortens reimbursement cycles. Also, because Expense Reports integrates with back-end financial systems, no further data entry is required once an expense report is approved. Credit card feeds. You can pre-populate data from single or multiple corporate cards and benefit from advanced credit card data capture. You’ll also gain proactive control over expenses with real-time policy enforcement. Mobile features. You can create and approve expense reports on the go from your mobile device, improving productivity and employee satisfaction. Reporting and analysis. Comprehensive reporting allows for deep analysis of spending trends, policy violation statistics, process monitoring, and much more. Ad hoc reporting capabilities allow end users to define their own reports.

iERA Expense Features

  • User friendly interface which automatically gets the employee’s required information from your ERP and reduces the form filling time
  • Intelligently built-in workflows for routing authorizations.
  • Exceptional workflows for cases where the expenses are beyond the rules and regulation set by the company
  • Online request submission/approval/ rejection facility.
  • Configurable Project to Company & Cost center Mapping
  • Single Dashboard for all pending , approved , rejected requests.
  • Tracking of bills submitted by the employees.
  • Active directory Integration for single sign on.
  • Online status update on all request and viewing of past request history.
  • Ready integration with money converter API for exchange rates to be used for international travel
  • Ready Bank report which can be used for direct credit to employee’s bank account
  • Ready reports which can directly be imported into any accounting/ERP system
  • Besides the above, it also has facility to update details of Quarterly Reimbursement Proofs for ‘Other Payouts
  • Payable Monthly’ and tracking the allowance/ disallowance of such spends.
  • 50% Increase Accounts Payable efficiency

iERA Expense Management

  • Lowers the costs of managing T&E expenses
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Enhances operational efficiency
  • Speeds the reimbursement cycle

You can dramatically reduce the hassle, time, and cost ofcreating, approving, and processing expense reports by replacing paperbased tasks with intellika’s web-based, automated system. With Expense Reports, you also can gain the visibility and control necessary for compliance with today’s accounting standards.

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