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Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has been accepted as the most explosive technology innovation faced by corporate today. In recent time, mobile devices & gadgets have evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way corporate are doing business. Mobility can help corporate leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers more effectively.

Mobile technologies today have moved businesses from their fixed location, unlocked immense value, and unleashed innovative solutions to further help businesses. Corporate are at the edge of realizing the immense potential of mobility. However, companies encounter challenges in their journey to utilise the opportunities offered by mobile devices.

Way Forward:

Create new mobile-driven business processes: The adoption of smart phones & Tablets has reached even the traditionally non-mobile sections of the workforce. With the disappearance of the business / consumer divide in terms of adoption of technologies, companies are increasingly forced to revamp their business processes, in order to realize the potential benefits of mobiles & tablets. These new business processes are focussed on the concept of mobility, which involve technologies such as cloud, SAAS and analytics, and use context-driven and location-aware data to influence the way companies function.

Define new strategy for mobile implementation: The speed at which mobile technologies is changing along with releases on various handheld devices, has stretched the resources of companies. Mobility today offers newer business strategies, but managing mobile implementation has become a much more tedious affair. Corporates need to look beyond the strategy they have been using to manage their IT and look for mobility-specific business strategies such as on-demand software, pay-per-use pricing model for app usage.

IT protocols vs. Mobility app explosion: The availability of smarter, better-equipped phones in the market is making traditional IT protocols obsolete. Corporates are facing extreme pressures from their employees for better devices, or worse still, to adopt a ‘BYOD’ policy. The implications of such protocols for security are tremendous. These pressures make management of apps and devices for companies complex.

Value proposition of Intellika

  • From Mobile applications to web seamless access to content , we help you to achieve customer oriented mobility solutions
  • Want to partner to create customized solution to your need? whether its location based solutions or Mobile application we are there with you
  • Our Mobility solutions can change the way your employees work on the fly and automate your business processes to enhance productivity

Our Mobility Offerings:

  • Custom Mobile application
  • Mobile Book
  • Mobile Brochure
  • Mobile Wallet

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