Our customized financial index service lets our clients focus on their core business

Customized Financial Index Service

With passive investment style gaining wide acceptance from investors around the world, asset managers are striving hard to come up with innovative passive investment strategies and products to attract investment. These strategies need to be benchmarked and tested historically to show their relevance and efficiency. The passive investment boom has also encouraged existing index providers to scale up their indexing capabilities.

While financial engineers continue to focus on newer and more innovative Indices and strategies based on these, we help manage their technological needs associated with data base maintenance and computation. Technological platforms designed and implemented by us takes care of all automation requirements associated with Index maintenance.

Our custom index service takes care of index development, calculation, maintenance and dissemination. Our highly skilled technology team automates the entire process as per pre-defined rules provided by the client so that entire process runs with least manual intervention. Currently, as an index calculation agent, we manage indices for equity and fixed income asset classes.

Some of the key steps in our Custom Financial Index Service are:
  • Underlying Financial and Trade Data Management
  • Data Quality Checks and Classification
  • Constituent Selection
  • Constituent Weighting
  • Back-testing of Index
  • Daily Index Value Generation
  • Corporate Action Adjustments
  • Periodic Index Reviews
  • Dissemination of Index Data to Client and Client defined destinations via FTP and E-mails

Our in-house index committee administers entire index processing and ensures that index adheres to the defined guidelines.

We are currently managing the ZyFin capital index platform comprising of 37 equity indices and 2 fixed income indices.

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Disclaimer: We are purely the index calculation agents for our clients and are not involved in the designing or methodology of the Indices.

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