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What is Cloud Computing and How Can It Benefit Your Organization?

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of recent tech innovations that have proven to be immensely valuable? If you have thought ‘Cloud Computing’, you aren’t alone! Today’s client wants immediate help any time of the day. That’s why Cloud computing has become into an invaluable tool for organizations. If your business is not using Cloud computing, you are at a disadvantage.

The Cloud is symbolic of the Internet, where data and applications are stored in the virtual world. This dynamic data center allows on-demand access to data and application, thereby minimizing response time and offering the customer a delightful servicing experience. It also helps organization save money, as there is no need for physical infrastructure with Cloud computing. Here are some reasons why it should be an integral part of your IT strategy.

On-Demand Computing

Anything your organization needs to share, including resources, information and software, can be stored and accessed via Cloud computing. This Internet-based computing can be adjusted to your organization’s workload. If the demand is low, you can reduce the storage resources and increase it when the demand surges. As a result, you save money on physical infrastructure.

Your organization can use Cloud computing software solutions in India for regular IT services, including messaging, CRM and file storage.


Employees do not have to present physically in the office to answer client queries or fulfill orders. As long as they have access to smartphones, other handheld devices and laptops along with Internet connectivity and cloud services, they can access stored information any time and in any corner of the world.

Cost Advantage

Instead of concentrating on updating the organization’s hardware and software, the decision makers can focus on growing the business. Everything your business requires for file and data storage is set up in the host and this save money. Furthermore, compared to a physical set up, Clouding computing is more economical.

Automation to the Rescue

Businesses are trying to reduce their overheads to stay competitive in a global market. Cloud computing services offer them that edge, thanks to automation. All software updates occur automatically without the need to download and then install the software.

Easy and Quick Access to Data and Information

As everything is stored in a virtual environment, you can access it any time. Based on the plan you choose from your Cloud computing partner, you can enjoy easy and fast access to the virtual server storing your information. This saves time and allows you to fulfill your clients’ needs quickly and seamlessly.

Vast Storage Capacity

The virtual server is designed to store vast amount of data. Hence, even when your business expands and you require more storage space for data and documents, you don’t have to worry about installing new servers. You can easily increase the storage capacity, which is almost limitless.

Cloud computing service providers like Intellika have an array of plans to suit varied business needs. It is a powerful IT storage solution for prudent businesses that want an edge over their competition. Cloud computing allows your company to create, store and update files and data using any Internet-enabled device, even without a physical IT setup. It reduces capital expenditure on your IT resources which helps you increase your bottom line.

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