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Web Design Trends To Future Proof Your Web Site

Your business website mirrors your enterprise image. Therefore, you must take utmost care to depict it at its presentable best with help of web design from experienced ecommerce website development tech companies in Mumbai. Remember that attractive web designs can potentially attract your target audiences whereas the mundane ones will be enough to divert them to competitors. Breeze through the article and check out the top web design trends of this year. Incorporate them in your business website development and witness your enterprise skyrocket to success.

·         Choosing the correct UI patterns

Your business websites designs must enhance UX or User Experience and not hinder it. Therefore, apart from being stunning, your web designs must be functional too. Responsive designs are the need of the hour as they allow proper functionality across multiple devices. Trustworthy ecommerce software development company in India will surely provide the below exclusive UI patterns for your firm’s website.

-          Hamburger menu,

-          Account registration,

-          Long scroll,

-          Card layouts,

-          HD hero images

·         Benefits of unique animations

There is nothing better than making your enterprise website interactive. Master the art of storytelling and present your products and services through stories. And once you decide to do so, there is nothing better than incorporating rich animations to your site’s design.

Depending upon your requirements, there are both large and small scale animations. Alongside being interactive, animations are entertaining with exclusive integration such as pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling. You can take your pick from the seven most famous animation techniques. They are

-          Loading animations,

-          Hover animations,

-          Non-scrolling ones,

-          Slideshows

-          Galleries,

-          Motion animations, and

-          Videos or background animations

·         Creating micro-interactions and flat designs

Ensure the smooth occurrence of micro-interactions. Steer-clear of over-the-top approaches and make the entire experience more human. So, there is a need of including lucid and conversational texts rather than making the entire experience robotic and mechanical.

Another notable web design trendis the material designs. Considered as the new style diction of Google, material designs include shadow effects. As a desired upshot, User Experience is enhanced and your business website scores high in aesthetics.

·         Importance of responsive designs

With the increased usage of mobile devices, there has been an upsurge in the incorporation of responsive web designs. There are innumerable benefits of using responsive designs. Apart from being affordable, these designs are mobile-friendly and offer great functionality.

But there are certain aspects worth caring, in this regard. While opting for mobile responsive web designs, you must keep CSS image loading and JavaScript at bay. Rather place your bets on RESS, better known as Responsive and Server Side and test the performance of the respective designs.

·         Relevance of flat designs

According to the age old axiom, old is gold and so is the case with flat web design trends. With the passage of time, unique features such as long shadows, uncomplicated topography, vibrant color palette, ghost buttons, and minimalism will ensure an uncluttered User Interface. Be judicious and opt for the ones that best suits your business requirements.

Interested to future proof your website designs? Then you will take the right first step by connecting with our team at Intellika for our expertise on this matter.

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