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Utilize HRMS to improve inter-team communication


Teamwork is an essential part of any organization as they are all divided into various departments or teams whose job it is to perform certain tasks together. Most organizations face the problem of shoddy teamwork and ineffective communication or worse, a complete lack of communication. One of the reasons for these communication problems is the lack of proper communication technology.


A solution to this would be to make use of HR and payroll software in India across the different departments in an organization and integrate it with social media. Social media has taken the world by storm and it has greatly improved communication all over. Many companies are using internal social media sites to enhance team spirit and encourage team bonding.


However, this kind of social communication has to be monitored when required to keep in line with company protocols. Hence, what an organization can do is integrate social media with their HRMS software in India. A new term has even come into practice - ‘Social HRMS’. All internal forms of social communication should be integrated with the HRMS in an organization for better collaboration, co-operation, and co-ordination between different teams from different departments across the organization.


HRMS can help in a number of different ways. Some of them are:

·         Encouragement of employee opinions - The employees are the life blood of an organization and their opinions should be heard, in order to generate goodwill. A social platform can be set up within the HR software solutions for business. Here, they can write blogs, update statuses, share issues that they feel are important. These posts can be strictly for internal communication purposes only or can be shared for external entities to view as well. This way a web based HR software is good for brainstorming sessions and can also improve team communication.


·      Monitoring social conversation - Along with allowing employees to communicate via internal social media apps comes the responsibility to monitor such communication. Since, they will mainly be sharing views on how to create a better working environment for them, their blog posts can be read and discussed at meetings.


If the employees know that their communication is being discussed in order to effectively root out reasons for discord within the organization, they will not feel like their voices are not being heard. If different teams across the organization effectively participate in these organization-wide discussions, it can actually help in boosting the company’s overall productivity.


·         Creation of social groups – An HRMS portal can be used by employees to create various social groups consisting of different departments. For example, a group can be made with people from the information technology team, the marketing team, the finance team and the production team to boost inter-departmental communication.


These not-quite social networks are a good way for employees to interact with and get to know each other better. It’s a fun way to build team spirit and still contribute towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives.


To encourage positive communication within different departments in an organization, you will only need to integrate customized HRMS solution from a reputed solutions provider. This will help your employees and stakeholders to communicate and build up a rapport.

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