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Use CRM to automate your workflow

For the successful implementation of any CRM system from a trustworthy technology company, organizations should automate regular daily business processes which are linked to customer handling. Automating team activities and customer linked communications allows the management of an organization to focus on what’s truly important- its core activities.


Also, the overall productivity of the organization improves when the employees are not wasting their time, effort and energy on activities which are redundant and do nothing for the organization.


The following day-to-day business processes should be automated for the organization become more efficient:


1.  Customer interaction: All successful organizations know that in order to obtain future potential sales, they need to satisfy current customers. Hence, a lot of sales departments ensure that they maintain close customer relations with help of Software CRM till the deal is done and even after that. This can be in the form of sending emails to the customers regarding select promotion offers, useful blog articles, details about new products and services being offered etc. For those companies which have a gigantic customer base, it becomes practically impossible to handle all this communication manually.


2.   Notifications on tickets/leads: Another time consuming task for most organizations is acknowledging every customer support ticket or inquiry. Here, the team in charge has to make note of the customer who made the inquiry and pass on this information to the customer support team or sales team.


3.  Assignment of customer support tickets/leads: The organization’s customer support managers or sales managers then have to set aside a considerable amount of time to assign these tickets or leads to their members. Depending on the customer base of the organization, this process of assigning may be done manually or have to be automated.


4.  Field updates: Sometimes, priority levels need to be set for various sales opportunities. Depending on the target amount, the priority level can be set to low, medium or high. If not done via Dynamics CRM online 2016, it can be a time consuming and frustrating task.


5.   External data flow: Companies use various tools to manage their day-to-day business and inputs from these tools have to be pushed from one system to another. This often happens when an organization uses both ERP and Cloud CRM tools. Data has to be transmitted from one system to the other and doing this manually can result in serious errors.


6.   Stage conversion: There are fixed stages for every process like with regard to lead management, the process begins with the lead stage and then gets converted in due course to the accounts stage. All of these conversions take place because of some change in status. For example, when the payment negotiation stage is complete, the lead can be converted into an account for the company.


7.  Generation of reports: Organizations depend a lot on analytic to know the sales, marketing and customer support scenario of the company. These reports are manually generated and sent to management but it takes up a lot of time of the support, marketing and sales managers. This, too, should be automated as soon as possible using a Customer Relationship management software.

     Team Intellika

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