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Top 6 Things To Lookout In Ecommerce Portal

Dear readers, friends, and well-wishers. We hope you are all doing well, and hope your work is coming along well too. However, if yours is an eCommerce business, then we have a little treat for you. Today, we are going to share with you the top 6 things to lookout for in an ecommerce portal. So business owners, follow these little must-do tips, and you will be proud to see how much your customers love your portal. So, let’s get rocking.

1.       Massive discounts are your trump card

Today, every one of the major eCommerce players, whether it be amazon, flipkart, lenskart, snapdeal, or the other relatively smaller guns, are giving massive discounts on MRP. And if you opt for their mCommerce option, then the discounts just get a whole lot bigger. Discounts are a great lure, and helps to build a brand’s customer base. Once you can get your customer pool get used to this convenient method of shopping, there’ll be no stopping them from visiting your website ever so frequently.

2.       Be sure of what your platform must sell, before you start

For the pioneers of eCommerce, it thinking about what their platform must sell or what its name must be be, wouldn’t have been much of a headache. Back then, it was all about testing the market and verifying if the masses were ready to break away from traditional shopping. But not anymore. With increasing competition, it is now not possible to not think about what products you would wish to sell on your portal, and what you should name it. Lenskart is a good example. It sells eye-wear, and its name speaks aloud for its USP.

3.       Social login and sharing on social media cannot be ignored

Thanks to upgrading technology, consumers have now become used to convenience. People no longer like filling forms. If you do not give your potential customers what they want, you’ve already lost the race. And, the share feature also gives you an opportunity for free marketing. Because people are become so socially frenzied, they want to share everything about their lives on social media. So if they’ve bought something on your portal, the word goes out and gets your more customers.

4.       Easy navigation, categories, and a search box are mandatory

Most eCommerce portals have a great navigational design, self-explanatory categories, and a search box . This helps improve the customers’ shopping experience by leaps and bounds. For those people who just want to know what your site offers, they need to be able to navigate around easily. For those who know what category they wish to look at in particular, you must help them with individual categories. And for those who are on your site for a particular product, must have the search box handy to type in.

5.       Customers demand for great graphics and clear product zoom

Most eCommerce portals take the trouble to edit their images, make them look glamorous, and provide a perfectly clear zoom option for all profile of the product image. So if you do not inculcate these features too, you will be no match to your mammoth competition.

6.       Timely customer support and a friendly return policy will do your business good

Because of the huge number of options now available, customers indulging in eCommerce shopping will no longer tolerate receiving unfulfilled answers to their queries. In case of delayed or damaged shipment, you must be prepared to not only give your customer a timely support, but also take the initiative to help out with return policies, etc. This act will help your business a great deal.

We sincerely hope that we have helped by sharing the top 6 things to lookout for in an ecommerce portal. So, go ahead and start your website today. Cheers!

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