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Top 5 things to evaluate when choosing an HR application

Hello readers. Hope you are all doing well. Today let’s talk about something we’ll all be interested in. Let’s talk about the HR application that you require. Before we get there, let me ask you this. You have decided to opt for an HR tool or application for your business, haven’t you? Because in these times when everything has become automated and competition is intense, please do not think your business can survive wholly and only on your HR team. You need to give them all the support you can. You need to give them an HR app.

Having said that, as people who care for your business and of course you, we are going to show you the top 5 things to evaluate when choosing an HR application. So here we go:

1.     The goals, vision, and mission of your company

It is important that before you even look at a tool or application, you must be sure of the goals of the HR department in your firm, and be sure that the tasks you need to undertake are in line with your company’s vision and mission. You need to also ask yourself these questions.

  • What is HR department’s strategy?
  • What function would you need the most?
  • What are the results you wish to achieve?
  • Does the new system support every need of your business?

All this, keeping the goals in mind.

2.     Your company’s technical environment

Every new technology that is introduced as part of your company’s work environment so that you can reduce human effort and increase efficiency with lesser mistakes. But if the technology you are bringing into your system is either better or worse than your company’s overall technical gambit, you will soon find yourself in trouble. It is of utmost priority that you define the basic technical environment for the application you are now going to introduce before you even begin looking at specific HRMS or CRM products. Involve your IT department or representative before making this key decision.

3.     Be sure whether you want build an application or buy an existing one

Many organizations wish to build their own applications, especially when it is one that is being built for its in-house HR teams and department. While this wishful thinking isn’t all that bad an idea, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ask yourself these questions.

·       Do you have IT resources that are sufficient to undertake the task, and see it right through the end?

·       Does your HR team have the capability to handle and troubleshoot the technical problems that arise? Your IT team will be busy and cannot be disturbed always.

·       Are your HR requirements so niche, that an existing application will not be able to undertake the work you need to do?

Answering these will give you some clarity.

4.     A thorough research

Whether you have settled on building your application or buying it, you will need a dedicated number of people to do a thorough research on features to be included or existing products, respectively. For example, in case you are opting for something that is available in the market, you need to start by identifying the vendors with the most suitable applications. Talk to your peers, other company heads, read up customer reviews online and offline, try demo versions of quite a few of them, etc.

5.     Budget

This is the most critical. No matter what decision you make in your business, remember that you cannot go beyond your set budget. Do we even need to say more regarding the sensible use of your budget? We doubt so.

That’s all for now. Until next time, take care.

Team Intellika

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