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Hola readers. We hope you are doing well. By the way, can you believe that we’re almost half way through the seventh month of 2015? Time flies so quickly, and we don’t even realize. So, without further ado, let’s get talking about something that will come really handy for the growth of your business.

Today, we are going to point of the top 5 HR practices you must follow, according to us. Human Resource is one of the most important departments in your organization, and it is what keeps your employees motivated. So here are a few ways you can better your HR team’s or department’s practices for a healthy and successful workplace environment.

1.       Optimum focus on Talent Acquisition

The most important role of an HR team/department is to hire the best and right talent. If optimum focus is not on Talent Acquisition, you are not on the right track. The employment market is getting more complicated and competitive. If you do not keep a keen eye out to attract great talent, your competition is going to win. It is not okay to simply rely on upfront applications for various openings. By doing so, you are letting your potential employees self-select themselves. You need to chase them too.

2.       Be honest, transparent, and consistent

An HR is the first face of the company. If the impression you cast is one of dishonesty, lack of transparency, and inconsistency, it is a bad sign. Today's job seekers may compromise on the pay, but not on workplace transparency, benefits, and culture. In an interview, an HR must be honest. Also, you cannot offer one privilege to one employee and not to another in the same position. The consistency in employee treatment, following of policies and procedures,  etc. Do not ever play the favorites card.

3.       Retention must be your daily goal

The problem with most HRs is that they think retention is only the final step in the relationship between a company and its employees. Retention is a daily struggle. In order to retain talent, you must go that extra mile. Be knowledgeable about what keeps your employees motivated. Is it financial appreciation, emotional support, regular training, appreciation of intelligence and hard work, incentives, or something else that matters? Remember that half a battle is won when your employees are made to feel valued, respected, and desired, and it outweighs all the monetary comforts a job gives.

4.       Improve your workplace culture

The HR team or department is responsible for the happiness and loyalty of the employees. The work culture in a company can be the greatest factor of motivation or unhappiness in the workforce. Therefore, the HR must try and improve the office environment. Screening for organizational fit is also a must-do on the recruiters’ list.

5.       Plan in advance, set expectations, make a to-do list, etc.

One very strong HR must-have trait is discipline. It is very important to plan in advance, set goals you wish to achieve, and make a to-do list that can checked every time a task is complete. It is healthy to build strategies even a year in advance. The previous years’ trends within your organization will help you introduce changes if necessary, and train employees on it. You must also set your goals. That will help you achieve recruiting and sustaining good talent for your company. Your to-do list can include preparing an employee handbook stating job profiles, attendance regulations, common office & communication etiquette, salary dates & methods, etc.

We hope these top 5 HR practices will help you. For more, you can bank on our HRMS software to help you out. We are capable of assisting to keep your employees motivated. If you want to know more about HRMS, please leave a comment with your queries below.Take care!

Team Intellika

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