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Top 5 features of CRM Software

Hey again readers. We are always so excited to bring you more blogs, information, ideas, etc. In one of our previous blogs we told you that CRM or Customer Relationship Management was invented to combine strategies, practices and technologies that a company used to first analyse customer interactions and manage this data in order to improve and enhance the organization’s relationship with all its existing customers.

Well, there’s a lot more to it. CRM is the essence and central point of every business. It lets organizations and businesses become intelligent, and helps improve your productivity and your customers’ satisfaction.

But have you ever wondered about what the top 5 features of CRM are? Well you must. It is nice to be aware, because ignorance is no bliss. So, here we go:

1.       Social Integration:

Social media and social marketing is not an option anymore. It is not that super awesome, cool feature that looks great but can be ignored if you don’t want to use it for your business. In fact, a study has estimated that by 2016, social media revenue would hike by nearly 35 billion. Do you still think you can run your business, without relying on social marketing, online businesses, etc.? In fact, only using basic social platforms is also not enough. You need a fully chalked out strategy to enhance your business value. Thanks to CRM, the tool makes it easy to integrate the social features, engage and communicate with your clients and customers, talk and convey nuances to your target audience, create and share campaigns, etc. You must make most use of this important and extremely useful feature of the CRM.

2.       Marketing Automation:

Every business needs to undertake some form of marketing or another, and must track it regularly to see the growth or decline in the popularity of their brand. And that’s why you need CRM. One of CRM’s strongest is marketing automation. It provides a 360 degree visibility without an effort. Using this feature, you can automate your marketing campaign emailers, campaign result, and reports.

3.       Sales Automation:

Another great feature of the CRM is its Sales automation. Using this feature you can aide your sales team by streamlining manual sales actions and tasks, and increasing productivity.It will also help you create a comprehensive, process-driven sales structure, complete with sales territory management,opportunity management, request for proposals (RFPs), and so much more.

4.       Ticketing and Support:

Because CRM essentially means Customer Relationship Management system, it is important that your CRM software has the ability to raise tickets, offer complete support, resolve issues, and close the ticket.Your timely and efficient response to the customers’ complaints is critical and absolutely necessary. Remember. A happy customer means better business.

5.       Mobility and Field Service:

If you are replacing your old CRM software, or upgrading it, look for the mobile and field service feature. It is as non-optional as the other features that have already been mentioned. Most field sales professionals are unfortunate to be on the receiving end of the customers’ rage and disapproval. In such cases, the sales person should be able to check the problem and resolve it right away if possible. This can be done using the mobility and field service feature. CRM providers with mobile accessible features and mobile optimized applications makes it easy to stay connected while even outdoors.

So, when are you upgrading your CRM software, and what are the features you think is most important? Tell us about it. Until next time, goodbye.

Team Intellika

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Charles Wattson

Apart from these features, you need to have 'innovative analysis and reporting' In order to optimize your customer relationships. This is all about having the ability to act on customer's needs.
And next is 'customer service feature' that your sales team can pay attention for making strong relationships with clients by only solving the customer issues on timely and consistent basis.


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