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Social HR- Redefining next generation HRMS System

Hello dear readers and friends. Hope you are doing well. Today we will talk about how social HR has been redefining GenX HRMS.

Thanks to the tech big bang, HRMS comes with so many features, it can meet all your IT needs in one go. Today, our focus will be on Social HR. In our age and time, we all have become dependent on social media like never before, be it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Wordpress, Tumbler, Tinder, or some other platform. In this case, having a social HR feature to the HRMS software is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it?

Here are some of the things you’ll love about social HR:

1.       Job Postings and Job Descriptions aren’t boring anymore

Remember the time when writing JDs and posting opening on multiple platforms, all single-handedly and manually, was the most painful thing to do? Remember drowning yourself in CV hard copies and newspaper ads? Now, you have it all on LinkedIn and HRMS. Using this feature, current employees, who are not into Human Resources, can also help in identifying and hiring new candidates – their own referrals.

2.       Company’s HR and employees can connect through social media

HRs are great at communication, or at least they ought to be. And that’s why a company should give every HR the scope to communicate as much as they can, without limiting them to communicating through emails or verbally. This kind of communication is most effective if the teams are huge and spread over various demographics globally. Employee trends, new candidate behavior, opening / vacancy, etc. can be conveyed and discussed.

3.       More sharing of information, more transparency, more motivation

Every company has a range of perks set aside for the workforce. But more often than not, the HRs are unable to keep every employee informed about the benefits they could reap. The social HR helps here too. Opportunities and benefits like employee referral bonuses, tuition fee reimbursement, pending annual leave, etc. can be systematically conveyed while the time is still right.

Social HR is not the solution to all of your HR woes. But it is an effective means of communication, and if you do not use it to the fullest, you are probably losing out on a valuable and cost efficient way to address challenges.

Now how about 2 obnoxious myths about social HR? Here we go…

1.       It is difficult to use the tool and feature without supervision

This is by far the funniest thing we have heard. It is neither difficult, nor do you have to break your head to put two-and-two together. The only worry probably could be that your HRs could misuse the extent of social media usage. But then again, use the trust factor. They’re your employees.

2.        Social media propagates a lot of fun, but you can also do some serious work

Can you say that all you’ve ever done on social media is to share silly jokes? Well, if yes, you haven’t used social media to its optimum. Here’s a list a of some other things you can do as well.

·         Look up a candidate on LinkedIn or even

·         Post jobs

·         Participate in peer forums and enterprise groups

·         Interact with employees on the company page

·         Share insights, info, and more

And the list never seems to end.

Take our advice, opt for social HR, today. Take care!

Team Intellika

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