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Performance Oriented Work Culture that Drives Business Outcomes – 3 Tips to Enable This

“Performance Driven Culture”. If this term leaves you confounded as an HR employee, then you are not alone. Scores of companies struggle to find a way to set appropriate performance indicators that help fulfill growth strategies and drive work culture.

Gartner’s glossary defines performance driven culture as

The concept of a performance-driven culture is a change in management style that shifts from a “rearview-mirror perspective” focused on financial measures to a perspective that balances this with the use of leading performance indicators and weak signals to actively seek and then act on patterns to drive better business outcomes. 

Thus, successful organizations make it their culture to seek better performance and reward it accordingly, based on the value they provide, to positive business outcomes. Here are a few tips on crafting the (almost) perfect performance driven culture within your company –

1. Clear target visibility – By knowing the goal a business needs to run after, employee efforts can be streamlined well. Once your overall business target is determined, it needs to trickle down to departments, and to every employee in form of clear KRAs.

For instance, a business goal will be to reach $100 million in next financial year, of which 15% is allocated to HR. So if you are heading HR then you might think of employing the expertise of human resource management software companies in India to bring down costs and improve margins to meet the revenue targets. You can also look at deploying HR and payroll software from low cost experts in india to bring down man-hours on these routine tasks.  

Put up the business targets in cafeterias, meeting room, and operations bays, in order to keep their visibility 24x7.

2.  Timely feedback – Make it a rule to set up a mechanism of relevant and timely feedback. Strive for at least quarterly employee meetings with manager, so that the relevance is there when feedback is given. This helps employees and their managers to work together to correct any deviation in performance without any time lag.

If, for instance, the company does only a yearly performance review, then it might happen that an issue detected in May 2015 will not hold any relevance by the time the performance review happens in March 2016 (after 10 months of the issue taking place).  

Such real time feedback systems can be developed and deployed by human resource management software companies in India at affordable costs and high efficiencies.

3. Recognition – Top performers need to be recognized and rewarded on a company-wide platform. This not only motivates the top performers, but also inspires others to be at that platform of recognition and success. HR managers can enlist the help of expert human resource management software companies in India and their HRMS solutions. They can set up automated recognition alerts that informs all employees of this spotlight and brings about healthy competition at workplace.

These tips will ensure that your company benefits from a performance driven work culture and thus provide a clear roadmap for employees on their way to success. Do write in to us with your thoughts on the prevailing performance review system.

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