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Online integrations that help bolster your CRM

Despite the ease of use and the efficiency of CRM software, until businesses integrate this software with other online services, they will remain blind to the benefits they can garner out of it. There are many ready-to-use apps, provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM that can be used to help businesses generate greater productivity.


Some of these integration that can boost your CRM software are mentioned below:


Landing Pages

There are many online services that enable one to create attractive and inviting landing pages for better execution of their marketing campaigns. Integrating your CRM software with services like Unbounce will allow you to generate lead forms, imbibe them into your landing page and then use the CRM software to capture the leads generated through these forms.


Web Chat

Zopim and Olark are well-known online services that allow businesses to have real-time conversations with customers that visit their website. By integrating these services with your Customer Relationship management software, you can save these conversations in your CRM and use it later to generate leads from it.


Social Media Marketing

CRM Software allows businesses to indulge in easy yet beneficial social media marketing.  Social media services, like Buffer, can be integrated with your Microsoft CRM software very easily. This particular service allows the advanced creation of messages or posts which can then be posted as and when the need arises.


Text Messaging

By integrating text messages with CRM, you will be able to send reminders to your clients via text message. The sharing of transaction updates and more to the clients will generate greater profits foryour business. You can get hold of text messaging services from TextAnyWhere, MVaayoo and more.


Lead Generation Platforms

When you integrate your CRM software with lead generating platforms, it will be easier for you to capture leads. Some of the frequently used lead generating platforms are IndiaMART and Justdial. Once captured, the CRMs workflow automation will go on to hand over the lead to a sales executive.


Social Discovery

These services, which include PIPL and FullContact and more, allow one to gather information about customers and leads in just a matter of moments. By integrating the social profiles of customers into Dynamics CRM online 2016, connecting with your customers in the social sphere will become far easier.


Cloud Telephony

Having a range of services like Knowlarity, Twilio and more, Cloud Telephony allows CRM users the chance to better manage customer calls. By integrating CRM on cloud with Cloud Telephony, your business can directly record calls with customers. This integration will also promote the faster creation of leads and the ability to provide help desk tickets directly from call records and streamline communication with your clients. Meant to facilitate transparency and communication consistency, this is precisely what Cloud Telephony makes possible.


All of these online services can be found in Software as a Service (SaaS) with a reputed CRM solutions company. Although the CRM software is able to generate results on its own, by integrating the software with these tools, you will be able to generate far greater benefits and all from one single system.

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