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Mobile Recruiting Trends and Best Practices

If we make a list of the things that we do from morning till night, I am sure that the ubiquitous smartphones would figure in every little errand that we do.Hence, it is no wonder that now even job searches are made via mobile phones and it is quite extensive in use.

Research reveals that job applicants are now steadily shifting to job searches over phones. As many as 78% of the applicants is the US are using smartphones for their job search.This shows the impact of Mobility solutions in Middle East on the job search process. So, it is high time that the recruiters gear up and design webpages and cross platform mobile apps with the skills offered by a reputed iPhone Application Development Company in India. It is also mandatory that they make a provision through which the applicants can apply for a job directly through their smartphones.

What next?

After the provision has been made, the recruiter must also keep in mind that the job application must not be unnecessarily long and include only the basic details like contact info, their domain, current employer and a link to their professional profile. If the recruiters risk adding more information, then it would surely result in drop-offs, primarily because of the limited screen size and limited resource configuration behind the smartphones. This is an essential point to note when doing cross platform mobile app development in Middle East.

Employment websites utilizing mobile app design in Africa, like Monster have very prudently, made the provision of one-button apply, through which by clicking or touching on one particular option, the candidate can directly apply for the job. Some companies are moving a step further and designing things in such a way that candidates can refrain from actually vising their site in desktop and accomplish all the application related procedures through mobile apps, thus saving time.

The power of social media

Social media is another important aspect which the recruiters must not ignore when hiring custom Android development services in USA. In the present day, the reach of social media is immense and the recruiters can utilize this craze to their benefit in aligning the right talent for the right job vacancy. Information about various job openings can be shared in groups or pages in Facebook and other such social media platforms. Integrating social media in the mobile app design stage will help the information to go viral swiftly.

To sign off

For every individual irrespective of their domain, recruitment through an iOS application development company USA is one of the simplest and hassle free means to explore career opportunities. Hence mobile recruiting has evolved as one of the very strong modes of creating and availing employment opportunities.

If you need the power of custom Android development services in UK behind your recruitment process, then you can schedule a quick consultation with us at Intellika. With our strong mobility solutions experience, we can help you get the maximum out of your entire recruitment process.

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