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Mobile Apps: Making Your Sales Effective through Mobile Enabled Brochure

When it comes to sales and marketing, there is a constant need for companies to provide relevant, fresh and timely product related information to clients as well as potential customers. Given how people spend a lot of time nowadays accessing Internet on their smartphones and handheld devices, making use of mobile apps to increase sales, offers multiple advantages for companies in today’s times. Nurturing business leads and cultivating customer relationship all the way till the eventual conversion is now best executed on the mobile.

How is sales being made more effective through mobile apps?

·         For starters, with the number of iPhone application development companies in India, the increasing adoption of iPads has made it easier for companies to reach out to customers in an effective manner.

·         Similarly the wide range of mobile application development companies in Mumbai are constantly coming up with mobile first solutions that enhance an enterprise client’s overall sales strategy

It is widely believed that we have some of the best solutions in e-commerce software in India using mobile, so why not extend this reputation and go a step further? With this factor in mind, we come to mobile enabled brochures for boosting sales and converting cold leads to warms prospects.

Companies are increasingly dabbling with mobile enabled brochures to see just how effective they can be when it comes to mobile enabled sales marketing.  Through mobile enabled brochures, they can easily target the growing segment of B2B and B2C clients who carry out purchase decisions using their mobile.

Let’s look at what these types of brochures are and what advantages they offer.

Mobile-enabled Brochures – An interesting sales tactic

Mobile enabled brochures are targeted promotion tools that have the facility of embedding audio, video and animation to create an interactive visual experience that will help draw customers. It can be used for personalized catalogs, brochures or manuals based on user preferences. With this app, you possess an automated tool that can help you provide high quality brochures as well as manual generation and distribution of brochures. What’s more, it provides a number of additional useful features, including auto expiry and content protection for security purposes and rights management.

Mobile enabled brochures support a variety of customer platforms and are able to provide a rich user experience. We are all aware that CRM for sales is becoming an important business strategy that companies have begun to adopt in order to improve their digital marketing campaigns. Through mobile enabled brochures, companies will be able to efficiently reach out to their customers on time, to deliver the latest brochures and promotions.  Some of the major advantages of these mobile-enabled brochures are:

·         It provides an improved user experience that will ensure better customer satisfaction

·         The time that would have been spent on marketing for new brochures and promotions is drastically reduced with this app.

·         It increases top line sales and improves bottom line through reduced costs.

With the many benefits that mobile enabled brochures can provide, this has been proven to be one new age mobile sales and marketing strategy that is poised to deliver amazing outcomes for companies.

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