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Making your Mobile app SEO ready

Hello readers and friends. Now that you have decided to make mobile apps for your products, services, or add-on features, here is something else you need to know. It is not enough to just have a mobile app or to go mCommerce, but you need to also make it SEO ready and SEO friendly. So, today we are going to talk about making your mobile app SEO ready. Here are 7 simple and quick tips:

1.       Identify keywords that are specific to your Target Audience

This works just as it works with traditional SEO for websites. The 2 things you need to do right away are: a) Identify the target audience that is going to use your mobile app instead of the website, b) Define keywords specific to your TG’s buyer persona. 

2.       Use your brand name for your app, or give it a new name

If you have an established brand already, half your app SEO work has been done. But if your brand isn’t a very well known brand, and you think a little rebranding might help, then start with your mobile app. Give your mobile app a name that rings a bell, and advocates for your product or service, without you having to say anything to anyone. Examples of good names include Firstcry, Madhuloka, Paypal, etc.

3.       Your mobile app’s URL must be optimized

Just as in traditional SEO, here too, customizing and optimizing your app’s URL plays a key role and contributes to its ranking factor. Instead of opting to stick to the auto generated app ID, you must customize it with the app’s name and other relevant keywords.

4.       Not just the URL, but optimize the description too

Now that you will have optimized the URL, it is time to repeat the exercise with the description too. While the description is key in your app being found through a search, the truth is that it is hardly ever read. But it helps the search engine to identify yours as an app is one that the user is looking for. And, if your potential app buyer is one who reads the description, then a good write-up does the needed magic.

5.       Choose the correct category for your app

Now this is critical. At times, the app makers and owners are in such a hurry to upload their app into the stores so that it may be out, they actually do not pay attention to minute details. Now can you guess the harm a wrong app category can do to your business? Users very rarely type for the app’s name while searching. They either look apps up in categories they find fit, or search using relevant keywords.

6.       Add icons and screenshots, always

Icons are appealing, and screenshots are the easiest way to find out your app’s look and feel. Paying attention to maintain the quality and sizes of images, as they may differ for every mobile marketplace,will add to your app’s visual treat.

7.       Ask your users to leave a review

Good feedback is the most inexpensive manner of great marketing. Get you users to talk about your app and the features that stand out, as compared to other competitor apps. Some users may also leave a feedback for improvement. Take this positively, and work around increasing user experience.

I hope you are all set to release your mobile apps now. Everyone in our team wishes you and your team all the best. Until again, goodbye.

Team Intellika

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